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8 adorable and practical dog bandanas that will make a statement

If you’ve ever taken your dog to the groomer, you know how much fun it is to leave the salon with your buddy looking spiffy and likely sporting a colorful bandana. The kerchief may be celebrating a special holiday or the season of the year, or it might simply have been chosen to match your dog’s eyes or coat color. While colorful dog bandanas certainly make fun fashion statements, this neck attire can also serve a purpose. Read on to learn about eight types of bandanas that are both cute and practical.

1. Bandanas to help fight breed discrimination

When Christine Smith noticed that people were afraid of her lovable pit bull Malibu, she started dressing her pup in colorful, fun bandanas. The results were incredible, said Smith in a Daily Dodo article. Strangers used to cross the street when they saw Malibu coming, but her snazzy new bandanas have made this sweet girl more approachable. The lovable pit bull now has an entire wardrobe of bandanas and is an ambassador for her breed. If your dog suffers from breed discrimination, consider purchasing cute colorful bandanas at The Greater Good Animal Rescue Site, where proceeds benefit homeless animals.

Happy pit bull wearing a bandana.

2. Calming bandanas

In a Vet Street article veterinarian Marty Becker says that bandanas can be used to help stressed animals relax. Becker instructs owners to spray bandanas with pheromones to help pets feel comfortable in stressful situations, including visits to veterinarians or boarding kennels. Wonder Dog Training designed a Good Doggy Calming Bandana collar that comes with lavender and chamomile essential oil aromatherapy spray.

3. Cooling bandanas

Letting dogs get too hot puts them at risk for heatstroke during the summer months. Cooling jackets and cooling collars and bandanas can help keep dogs comfortable in warm weather, says veterinarian Beth Turner in a Preventive Vet article. For example, the Dog Cooling Bandana by KOOLTAIL is made of a special fabric that can absorb moisture and draw heat away from a dog’s neck, helping to lower his temperature. This cooling fabric is activated by soaking it in water before putting it on your dog’s neck. For a stronger cooling effect, the bandana can be refrigerated for a few minutes after being soaked in water.

4. Pest repellent bandanas

Experts at PetMeds recommend spraying a flea and tick preventative on your dog’s bandana before heading out into nature. Because thick neck fur is a favorite hiding spot for parasites like ticks, a kerchief sprayed with repellent can offer extra protection for pets. The Insect Shield Repellent Dog Bandana is designed to help protect dogs against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. According to the company, the repellent is bonded to the fabric and can’t be rubbed off.

5. Alert bandanas

Many pet parents use color-coded leashes and harnesses with alert messages to let others know if their dogs have behavioral or health issues. For example, red signifies that you should exercise caution when approaching a dog. Color-coded bandanas with messages in bold print can also help to alert others when you’re out walking with your dog. Examples of colors and messages include:

  • Red – Caution! Respect my space.
  • Orange – I like people, just not dogs.
  • White – I’m deaf, I can’t hear you.
  • Light yellow – I’m nervous, give me some space.
  • Blue – I’m a service dog in training.

6.  Reflective bandanas

If you walk your dog at night, then you can certainly benefit from reflective bandanas that help make your dog more visible. Highly rated on Amazon, Spot the Dog reflective bandanas are a popular choice among walkers, hikers, and runners. These neckties come in bright oranges and yellows with reflective spots and stripes.

7. Drool-catching bandanas

Like babies, all puppies drool when teething, but some breeds continue to produce slobber into adulthood. Breeds that are among the most notorious for drooling include Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Bernese Mountain dogs, Great Danes, mastiffs, bulldogs, and bloodhounds. Keeping a selection of drool-catching bandanas that double as bibs will make your dog look adorable while also protecting his hair from messy dribble.

8. Colorful bandanas to promote pet adoption

Many rescues dress shelter and foster dogs in  “adopt me” bandanas to help attract potential adopters. You can also use bandanas to help promote animal adoptions by dressing your rescued pooch in cute eye-catching bandanas with messages such as “Rescued and Loved,” “I adopted a human,” or “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” Be prepared to engage in conversation with passersby about your wonderful rescued dog. And don’t forget to bring along a few cards with the name and contact information of the shelter or rescue where you got your dog!

Cute dog wearing an adopt me bandana.

Whichever bandana you choose for your pooch, be sure that it is comfortably fitted and doesn’t restrict your dog’s breathing. The kerchief should be snug but with enough room to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the fabric. And finally, since most dogs are used to wearing collars, they likely won’t have a problem wearing a bandana. However, be mindful of how your dog reacts. If he constantly scratches in an attempt to get the bandana off, remove it and give him a hug instead.

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