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You won’t believe what the top names for girl dogs are

Whether you’re welcoming a new family member, working at a shelter, or just imagining your dream pet, naming a dog can be downright difficult. Everyone in your home is bound to have their own opinion, so we don’t blame you if you need to resort to a list of top dog names in order to make a decision that sticks.

From today’s top names to the cutest monikers you ever did hear, we’ve listed them all below. Feel free to use these as inspiration for your fur baby’s name, whether you come up with something similar or use the exact spelling and pronunciation you see here. With any of these top girl dog names, though, you can’t lose! Keep on reading for more adorable and unique ideas.

Unique names for girl dogs

When it comes to uniqueness, there really are no limits. You can make up a name for your dog that’s one-in-a-million, or you can borrow one from the American Kennel Club’s list of 71 Unique Dog Names For Girls and Boys. A fair note — there are a lot of traditionally “human” names on this list, but they’ll fit like a glove for a number of four-legged friends.

A few of our favorite unique names from this list are Aurora, Daphne, Darcy, Denny, Iggy, Josie, Kit, Millie, Ophelia, Tess, Thelma, Vida, and Zara. If you’re a literary fan you may notice a few Shakespearian names — another classic, and dare we say sophisticated, way to go!

A portrait of a yorkie wearing a red bow

Cutest names for girl dogs

What passes as “cute” is truly up to you, but there are many memorable names that are just as sweet as they are fitting for a furry friend. Take your time to make sure the name is perfectly suited to your best buddy. After all, it’s going to stick for a while!

A few celestial-inspired names that appear on the American Kennel Club’s list of Top 100 Girl Dog Names include Luna, Star, Angel, Skye, Nova, Misty, and Storm.

There are even some plant-, fruit-, and food-inspired names! You can try Pepper, Honey, Poppy, Coco, Willow, Sugar, Peaches, Oreo, Ginger, Lilly, Rose/Rosie, Cookie, and Maple.

If you’re looking to get more creative with your pet’s moniker, why not gather inspiration from some of your favorite TV shows, video games, or books? Whether popular or not, it would be a name that has special meaning to you. And that’s pretty cute!

A young woman holds her Jack Russell Terrier as he licks herTop girl dog names

Whether your style is more cute and girly or edgy and unique, there’s bound to be the perfect name for your pup somewhere out there. Until you find a few ideas, why don’t you browse Rover’s Top Female Dog Names for 2021 … in order!

  1. Bella
  2. Luna
  3. Lucy
  4. Daisy
  5. Zoe
  6. Lilly
  7. Lola
  8. Bailey
  9. Stella
  10. Molly

Though their list only goes up to 10 names, there are many honorable mentions that were trending throughout 2021 (via Rover). This includes Olympic-inspired names like:

  • Simone
  • Suni
  • Katie
  • Naomi

Also included are travel-related monikers such as:

  • Eiffel
  • Baguette
  • Champagne
  • Gabanna

As you can see, there are lots of French and Italian influences. As if that isn’t enough, there are even some dogs named after celebrities — Aretha Franklin and Doja Cat were two of the most popular monikers in 2021.

Have you noticed anything that these names have in common? They are all two syllables long, which is a pet’s ideal name length according to dog trainer and veterinary assistant Adrienne Farricelli. A name longer than two syllables will be difficult to call in a hurry, and one-syllable names might not be as attention-grabbing to a busy pup.

Choose a name that feels right to you

Also, don’t be discouraged from using a name just because it is on this list. Your pup’s moniker needs to feel right to you, whether it’s fairly common or one-in-a-million. As long as it’s fitting and easy to say — go for it!

No matter what inspired your dog’s name, don’t forget to be proud of the progress they make every day. Remember to practice recall and obedience using their name; not only will they get used to it faster, but they’ll get a little better every day, too.

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