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10 unique names for male dogs you probably haven’t heard yet

Being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether it’s choosing the perfect veterinarian or finding the best brand of dog food, your pup relies on you to make important decisions for him. Of course, the first decision you need to make for your pooch is also one of the most enjoyable. What will you call your new best friend? Max, Winston, and Jake are some of the top male dog names right now. While those are all great names, you might want to name your pooch something more interesting. Ready to find the perfect name for your pup? Keep reading.

Close-up shot of a tan French Bulldog wearing a red collar.

What are the coolest names for male dogs?

If you’re thinking of adopting a new pooch, now is the perfect time to embrace a unique name for your pup. Not only will you be less likely to hear your dog’s name at the vet or dog park, but giving your dog an unusual name is a great way to let your personality shine. What are your interests? If you’re a football fan, you could name your pup after your favorite player. Whether you’re a fan of Tom Brady, Alvin Kamara, or Matt Ryan, nothing shows team spirit like naming your dog after a player from your favorite team. Similarly, if you’re heavily invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can name your pooch after your favorite superhero. Naming your dog after a favorite scientist, author, or video game character are also wonderful options. 

Most unique names for male dogs

Your dog is one-of-a-kind, so you want him to have a unique name that represents how special he is. Here are 10 of our favorite unique names for male dogs. 

1. Alvin 

Whether you’re naming your pup after New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, or you’ve chosen the name to reflect your dog’s playful side (remember Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks?), this unusual name is one you don’t hear very often. Stemming from the Old English Ælfwine, the name means “elf friend.” 

2. Banksy

Banksy is the pseudonym of an anonymous British-based street artist, famous for creating thought-provoking, often political artwork. If you’re a fan of the artist – or an artist yourself – Banksy is a name that will help your pooch stand out in a crowd.

3. Beethoven

The ’90s are back in fashion, and those of us who grew up earlier in that decade fondly remember the lovable Saint Bernard from the Beethoven films. But it’s also a wonderful name for lovers of classical music. It might surprise you to know that many of us have been saying this famous composer’s name wrong. Understandably, quite a few of us think the inimitable German-born, Austrian-based maestro’s name is, in German, Ludwig von Beethoven, but it was actually Ludwig van Beethoven, reflecting his Dutch ancestry as the descendant of beet farmers. (In Dutch, Beethoven directly translates to “beet farmer.”)

4. Cyrus

Your dog is the light of your life, so what better name for him than Cyrus? While it’s fallen out of favor in the United States, the name remains incredibly popular in Iran, and with good reason. Cyrus means “sun” in Persian. Cyrus the Great founded the Persian Empire in the fifth century B.C., and the name is also found in the Old Testament. (This is also a great name if you’re a fan of Billy Ray or Miley.)

5. Dory

Fans of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory may be wondering why we’re recommending this name for a male dog, but Dory is actually a unisex name. As a girl’s name, Dory is a common nickname for Dorothy, and it comes from the Greek, meaning “gift of God.” For boys, this Greek name translates to “gift of Isis,” as Dory is a diminutive of Isidore. 

A black and white Husky puppy stands beneath a tree.

6. Flapjack

Is your puppy a bit silly? A name like Flapjack is perfect for him. Entertaining and entirely unusual, a flapjack is another name – one that’s fallen out of use in modern times – for a pancake. Since most dogs are notorious food hounds, this breakfast-based name is sure to suit your pup, not to mention bring a smile to your face.   

7. Frodo

Lord of the Rings fans, rejoice! While you can’t get your hands on the One Ring, you can share your love of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works with the world by naming your dog after one of the most beloved characters in literature. A dedicated linguist, Tolkien created the name based on the Old English fród, which means “wise by experience.” 

8. Odin

Whether you’re a fan of Norse mythology or a Marvel movie buff, or you have Scandinavian ancestry, naming your pooch after the All-Father is a surefire way to set your dog apart. Odin is the god of wisdom, healing, and poetry. The name translates to “master of ecstasy.” 

9. Rome

Do you have Italian heritage? Is the capital of Italy your favorite city in the world? Then Rome is the ideal name for your pup. In the Bible, the name Rome means “strength,” making it a fitting name for a strapping Neapolitan Mastiff

10. Severus

We haven’t forgotten about you, Harry Potter fans! In Latin, the name Severus means “stern” or “harsh,” and until author J.K. Rowling made it famous in the Wizarding World, the most famous Severus was emperor Septimius Severus, who ruled from 193 until 211. Now, the name is almost exclusively associated with Death Eater-turned-hero Severus Snape. 

A brown Neapolitan Mastiff standing in a field of tall grass.

Have fun naming your pup

With traditional names like Edwin and Gretchen falling out of favor, it’s time to consider updating pet names, too. Whether you name your dog after a favorite musician, fictional character, or even a favorite meal, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your pup somewhere on our list. 

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