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The best dog crate water dispensers to keep your pet hydrated

Training your dog to use (and enjoy!) his crate comes with many benefits for you both. Besides having a safe place to rest and relax, dogs can even be potty trained with regular crate use. While there’s peace of mind in knowing your dog is secure while you’re out, it’s still important to make sure your fur baby has everything he needs to stay healthy and happy in his crate, including water.  Whether you opt for a slightly larger crate with room for a water dish or you prefer a dog crate water bottle itself, you’ve got plenty of options available online and in pet stores.

Here are three much-loved water dispensers for dog crates, rated and reviewed by pet parents like you.

MidWest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Dog Kennel Bowl

With over 1,500 positive reviews on Chewy, this stainless steel water bowl for dog crates is one of the most popular choices. This bowl uses “patented, bracketed locks” to clip to any side of any kennel. Although easy to attach and remove, the locks secure the bowl in place — no spillage here! It comes in four sizes to fit a variety of spaces, as well. Stainless steel means no rust or breakage, either.

According to product reviews on Chewy, pet parents love this bowl because it’s secure, durable, and easy to mount. Without any plastic parts on the bowl, stand, or lock, there will be no pieces for your dog to chew or knock around. It also prevents pups from digging in their bowl — simply mount it higher off the ground! Finally, the stainless steel materials are meant to last, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the bowl for a while.

Lixit Top Fill Water Bottles for Dogs

Your pet may look a bit like a hamster drinking from this cage-mounted water bottle, but he’ll stay hydrated and happy in his crate. As Amazon’s choice for dog crate water bottles, Lixit’s crate-friendly water dispenser has a lot to boast. This is an incredibly easy choice for pet parents, as you don’t have to remove it to refill it — just pour in water from the top! Your pet stays hydrated through a food-quality stainless steel tube that runs through the bottle. It also features a no-drip valve at the end, so you won’t have to worry about messes when he’s done getting refreshed. It’s a win-win!

Guardians’ Removable Stainless Steel Water Food Feeder Bowls

If you’re worried about the difficulty of removing and attaching a water dish every time you need to fill or clean it for your pet, your perfect pet bowl is here. Guardians’ stainless-steel-and-plastic bowl set can be used as one or two bowls, since the metal dish sits inside the plastic one. When it’s time to clean them out, just take the stainless steel bowl out of the plastic shell et voila!

Attaching this bowl to the side of your dog’s cage will take only minutes with the instructions provided on the product listing. Reviews agree that installing the bowl is simple, and the bowl stays secured to the crate.

Whether your pup prefers to sip from a bowl or a bottle, you have plenty of clean, easy, and affordable options for their crate. None of these water dispensers take up a ton of space, so your dog won’t be cramped in his crate, either. Consider your dog’s unique tendencies when choosing a water bottle: Will he chew something plastic? Does he not like clanging sounds? Whatever is best for you both is perfect, but don’t be afraid to go through some trial and error at first. Once your furry friend gets used to his dispenser, you can leave the house knowing your dog is safe and secure … and hydrated!

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