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Study shows if you’re traveling with your pet, Oregon is the place to go

Whether your idea of the perfect getaway involves spa time and shopping or you prefer hitting the country’s most famous nature trails, travel is one of the most incredible ways to beat stress. While international travel has a unique appeal, there are plenty of amazing vacation destinations right here in the United States—no passport required.

But if the thought of leaving your beloved fur baby with friends (or in the company of strangers) is stopping you from booking your next vacation, you’re in luck. Numerous cities across the country offer pet-friendly accommodations with all the comforts of home. Online telehealth platform CertaPet conducted an in-depth study to find the city with the most pet-friendly Airbnbs in the country, factoring in the city’s population and the number of Airbnb listings per 100,000 people. Wondering which city has the most pet-friendly accommodations per capita? The answer may surprise you. Let’s find out. 

A man hiking with a Golden Retriever puppy in a backpack.
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A pet parent’s dream destination

Beating out notoriously dog-friendly Boulder, Colorado, the town of Cannon Beach, Oregon, offers 88 pet-friendly Airbnbs, amounting to 6,000 Airbnb listings per 100,000 residents. Despite Cannon Beach’s small size (under 1,500 people call this Pacific Northwestern town home), a vibrant culinary scene, art galleries, and stunning landmarks like Haystack Rock make this small town a must-see for pet parents. If city vacations are more your thing, never fear: Cannon Beach is only an hour and a half away from Portland

Top 5 things to do in Oregon with your pet

If leaving your fur baby at home while you trek the gorgeous trails on Oregon’s coast or explore the bustling city of Portland sounds like a depressing vacation, you’ll love this list of fun things you can do with your dog in the Beaver State. 

#1: Take your pup hiking in Oswald West State Park

This lush, temperate rainforest spans four miles of coastline along the north Oregon coast. Located just two hours away from Portland, Oswald West State Park offers several miles of trail that lead to beautiful, sandy beaches and a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. While you can’t camp overnight in Oswald West, you and your pup will have a blast exploring Cape Falcon and Neahkahnie Mountain on the 13-mile trail that snakes its way through the park. Nature lovers will be overjoyed by the presence of Sitka Spruce, ferns, western red cedar, and western hemlock found throughout the park. 

A woman exploring the city with a leashed French Bulldog.
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#2: Kick back with a beer or two

Okay, so your dog won’t be able to partake in Portland’s tasty brew, but the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company is a dog-friendly establishment with excellent beer—some of the brews have been named after dogs—and delicious food. With four pup-friendly locations in the Portland area, you can select a spot close to other stops on your tour, enjoy one of Lucky Lab’s famous beers, and allow your dog to enjoy a fresh bowl of water while you relax. (We won’t tell if you slip Max a few fries under the table.)  

#3: Let your dog smell the roses

If you’re the type to stop and smell the roses, you can’t skip a visit to the Portland International Rose Test Garden. With over 650 varieties and over 10,000 rose bushes on an exquisite 4.5-acre patch of land, the International Rose Test Garden is ideal for leisurely strolls with your pup. You can take a guided tour of the garden or explore at your own pace. Best of all, your fur baby is welcome to join you as long as he stays on his leash at all times. 

#4: Take your pup shopping

The Portland Saturday Market (also open on Sunday) is one of the oldest arts and crafts markets in the United States, and it’s dog-friendly as long as your pooch is on a leash. Pick up locally-made souvenirs like jewelry, leather goods, watercolor artwork, food, T-shirts, candles, and soap. You’ll probably also find bandanas and tasty treats for your pup at one or more vendor stands.

#5: Hop a flight with your dog

For the more daring traveler, you can book a helicopter with Tour DeVine by Heli. This exciting experience lets you nosh on gourmet meals, sample unique wines, and view the gorgeous, rolling hills of Oregon’s vineyards with your canine child in tow. Impressively, there are no breed or weight limitations, so your pup can fly with you whether he’s a scrappy Yorkshire Terrier or a strapping Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Three women hiking a mountain trail with a Golden Retriever.
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An Airbnb is the place to be

For many pet parents, traveling without their fur baby in tow sounds more like torture than a vacation. Fortunately, we’re no longer at the mercy of supposedly “pet-friendly” hotels. (Walking your pup through a long corridor, through the lobby, and then outside to use the bathroom? Not very “pet-friendly” if you ask us.) With a plethora of welcoming Airbnb accommodations to choose from, going sightseeing with your pooch is easier now than ever. Just remember to keep your pup on a leash, travel safely, and have fun!

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