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The best pet travel bags for safe and comfortable trips

Your pet deserves to travel in style, but it’s not just your comfort that’s at stake. Your pet must have a breathable and durable space designed to reduce anxiety and ensure that your pet is contained. Our top picks for the best pet travel bag give you an excellent performance so you can get back to handling the details of your travels.

A well-made pet travel bag ensures that your pet can travel with you without the anxiety of a poorly planned bag. These are durable, offer structure and comfort, and ensure your pet’s needs are taken care of — all this while remaining stylish and comfortable for you to carry. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites to find the right one for you.

Sherpa Travel Airline Pet Carrier

Best for Air Travel

This well-made and flexible travel bag balances structured support and framing to give your dog space with the flexibility you need to conform to under-seat requirements on the plane. It has mesh windows and both top and side entry points, as well as a rear pocket for storage. It includes a washable soft liner and comes in three sizes to accommodate a variety of pets — measure your pet’s height and length first and then check weight.

Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag

Most Practical

This heavy-duty bag features mesh on three sides with enough coverage that your pet can hide if it’s necessary. A soft removable liner is washable, and the bag conforms to airline safety standards. Use it as a tote or shoulder bag, and rear storage with padded handles and a shoulder strap gives you everything you need right at hand. It also comes with a portable bowl.

Kenox Fashion Pet Carrier Bags

Best for Short Trips

This hybrid bag offers roll-up sides to expose mesh for air circulation and an inner liner that you can remove to wash. A clip holds the dog leash in place, and the exterior stores all your essentials while you’re out. It’s best for daily carrying or short trips and may not be airline approved. However, it looks like a regular handbag with storage for a small or teacup pet.

Your pet can travel comfortably in the right bag, and these on our list will outperform your expectations. They’re safe and comfortable for both you and your pet and ensure that you have a way to transport your pet efficiently. They’re durable and stylish — what more could you need? So make your travel plans and feel good about including your pet.

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