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Interesting bird names you may be overlooking

Birds are one of the most fun pets you can have. They are vocal, adorable little animals that can put a big smile on your face every day. One of the most fun parts of getting a new pet is naming them. Your pet’s name sticks with them throughout their whole life so it should be fun and creative. When picking out a name for your bird, there are a lot of interesting names that you may be overlooking. There are so many types of names from funny to meaningful to cute. Check out some ones you may not have thought of so you can choose the best one for your little feathered friend.

Woman with bird on head and shoulder
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If you want a cool name for your bird that still has a bit of humor, then Beakon is a great choice. Beakon is a play on Deacon or Beacon. It is a cute and funny name for your pet bird while still offering a cool-sounding name. This name is surely a unique one so you don’t have to worry about any other birds named Beakon that might steal your flappy friend’s thunder.


Similar to Beakon, Claw-dia is another bird-related name pun. Claw-dia is an adorable name for any female bird. It sounds like a normal name but with a fun spelling. Another bonus to this name is that you can make a cute name tag to go on Claw-dia’s perch or cage. It will show off your creativity and humor to your guests.

Man with yellow bird on shoulder
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If you want to honor your favorite movie, The Godfather, then Godfeather is the perfect name for your little friend. It is the ultimate pun for a bird and will make everyone laugh and wish they had thought of it. This name is so unique it will make you smile every time you greet your favorite pet.

Vincent van Goose

If you are a lover of art, pay homage to a favorite painter by naming your bird Vincent van Goose. We’re sure van Gogh would be honored to have a bird named after him! The name works for any type of bird but is especially great if you have a pet goose to call your own.


When it comes to pet names in general, you can’t go wrong with choosing the name of your favorite food or candy. Skittles an adorable name to remind you of your tasty treat. This name is also great for if you have a brightly colored bird. It will accurately match your bird’s vibrant colors just like the candy.


Another cute, basic bird name is Tweety. It is the name of the famous cartoon with the yellow bird we all love. Even though it may be a common name for a bird, it is still a great option. Tweety describes the sound that your bird makes and is super adorable. It will suit any bird whether male or female.


A more elegant name for your bird is Eros. Eros is a Greek god known for having wings. Eros is the god of love so it can be a beautifully elegant name for any bird. This name also symbolizes flight and wings, which is the perfect match for your beautiful bird.

Smiling woman holding bird
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Sky is not only a pretty name, it is the place where your bird is meant to fly. Sky is a great option for both male and female birds. It’s elegant and trendy, and you’re sure to get many compliments.

Naming your pet is a super-fun process. It is a time when you can get really creative. You can make the names funny ,which isn’t usually an option when naming your two-legged children. There are so many great name options to choose from whether you want something meaningful, cute, or humorous. Birds are fun pets to have so it is important that they have a unique name to fit their personalities. Choose one that suits your style and personal experiences that will only make you love your bird even more.

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