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The best bird perch to add to your pet’s cage

As your bird uses its perch, it’s bound to get food or feces on it. Wash or clean the perches as needed to maintain the health and comfort of your pet. A little mild detergent, warm water, and a good scrub are all you need to keep the perch clean.

Perches for birds are also a play structure that your feathered friend is sure to love. The perches on our list are perfect for your tweety to relax and enjoy some leisure time. Let’s take a look at our top picks to keep your birdie comfy and create the environment that they deserve.

Colorful Natural Wood Bird Perch

Best for Paw Grinding

For birds who love to grind their paws, the Colorful Natural Wood Bird Perch offers a rough surface that naturally trims their nails. Suitable for budgies, parakeets, cockatiels, and others, this perch is made from natural quartz sands that are safe for your pet. Its pure natural wood interior makes it long-lasting and safe to chew.

Penn-Plax Bird Life Activity Center

Best for Play

Create a playground for your birds with the Penn-Plax Bird Life Activity Center. This creative play structure relieves stress and boredom to promote your bird’s curiosity. It helps it stay fit with plenty of opportunity to exercise and enjoy. This extra large activity center includes a five-step ladder, a cotton rope, two acrylic toys, a play swing, feeding fish and a copper bell.

Bird Perch, Rope Bungee Bird Toy by Petsvv

Best for Balance and Coordination

Give your bird some spiral fun with the Bird Perch, Rope Bungee Bird Toy by Petsvv. This colorful toy includes a bell at the bottom, for your bird to enjoy twisting and spinning fun all day long. The soft rope is made from 100% cotton, for your bird’s comfort. Reshape as needed, to keep your bird engaged and create a new toy for them every time.

Perches for birds promote their health and relaxation. While they offer your bird a place to rest, the items on our list also provide an opportunity for exercise. Keep your pet healthy and happy with a perch that enhances its habitat and well-being.