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The best guinea pig hays for giving your small furry friend a healthy diet

The relationship between guinea pigs and hay is an important one. They rely on this type of grass to obtain key nutrients and to practice natural foraging instincts. This helps them develop healthy behaviors and keep them entertained. Add variety to your pet’s diet and reduce the number of pellets they eat for a long, active life.

Timothy hay for guinea pigs is the most balanced type available. It has a high content of fiber and is low in proteins and carbs. This is great to keep your pet’s weight in check and help prevent any digestive problems. Make sure your furball has access to fresh hay and water. They not only feed themselves but also take care of their oral health by munching on hay. Check out this selection and find the perfect match for your pet.

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Pet Food

Best Packaging

Give your guinea pig only the best with the Small Pet Select Timothy Hay Pet Food, a special blend that is hand selected and packaged in small batches. This assures the highest quality, freshness on arrival, and only the most nutritional grass for your small pet. Ideal for chinchillas and rabbits as well.

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Best Blended Cut

The Kaytee Timothy Hay is the go-to choice for most households for its high-fiber levels and lower protein and calcium content. This protects urinary systems and promotes digestive health. They are the perfect complement to other Kaytee fortified food to provide a complete nutritional diet. This Timothy grass is hand selected to achieve a balance between long fiber strands and offers good leaf-to-stem ratios.

Vitakraft Premium Timothy Hay

Best Compressed

If you are looking for a space-saving solution, the Vitakraft Premium Timothy Hay offers top nutrition in compressed small-pet-sized bales. This helps maintain freshness and provides an easy way to feed your guinea pig. This formula provides all the protein, vitamin, and minerals your furry friend needs.

A guinea pig’s diet must have at least 80% of hay with the rest divided by pellets, fruits, and vegetable. This promotes health and well-being with every feeding. Use this curated list to find the perfect type of timothy hay for your guinea pig. We are sure that any of our suggestions will bring your pet the best nutrition possible.