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The best heated bird baths to warm your local feathered friends

Heated bird baths are the best way to attract the most winter species to your backyard. They are perfect to have a yearlong care station for all your winged friends. Make your yard a haven of food and clean warm water, and you will be blessed with plenty of bird sightings. Find the perfect match for your home with our carefully selected suggestions.

Using heated bird baths for winter is a great way to ensure your garden visitors have a way to hydrate and clean themselves. There is a wide variety of mounting styles, heating elements, and even pedestal heated bird baths available. Check out our recommended options and help your birds to thrive even in the coldest seasons.

Allied Precision Industries Heated Bird Bath

Best Diameter

The Allied Precision Industries Heated Bird Bath features one of the most impressive diameters at 20 inches across. This circular bowl can be attached with the included bracket mount, and the 120-volt heater provides 150 watts of power to prevent frost. The cable can be stored during warmer months for continued use.

Farm Innovators Heated Birdbath

Best Value

Set up a great warming place for your visitors without breaking the bank with the Farm Innovators Heated Birdbath. Featuring several mounting options, this budget-friendly model has a thermostat that turns the heater off when not needed to save electricity. It was designed to endure the weather and prevent rust, decay, or malfunction.

VIVOHOME Lightweight Outdoor Bird Bath

Best Overall

Use the power of the sun to heat up the VIVOHOME Lightweight Outdoor Bird Bath. Rely on renewable energy to keep your water at the best temperature. The sturdy base and durable design make this a great option. This model is very aesthetic and can blend with any outdoor decor.

Keep your birds safe and warm during the coldest time of the year with this carefully vetted collection of heated bird baths. They are a great way to make sure all the visitors that grace your garden have a warm place to clean themselves and drink fresh water.

PawTracks Contributor
PawTracks Contributor
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