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The best live mealworms for feeding birds, reptiles, fish, and more

Mealworms are a favorite of frogs, turtles, fish, reptiles, chicken, and other birds. One of the most cost-effective ways to feed your pets. They last for weeks when properly stored and refrigerated. Give your animals a nutritious diet and encourage natural hunting and feeding behavior with these carefully selected suggestions.

Whether you are feeding a leopard gecko or looking for live mealworms for birds, this curated selection has the best and most nutrient-dense batches out there. Once your pet settles in their new home and develops a feeding schedule, you will see that they can eat dozens of worms per feeding. So, having a good stock is critical to keep them well fed. Take a look at the best offerings and largest batches we could find for your shopping convenience.

Predator Foods Live Mealworms

Best Overall

If you are looking for the best organic option, the Predator Foods Live Mealworms are a premium choice that is affordable and will keep your pets healthy and happy. This option comes with 1,000 mealworms per container and ships from within the US to ensure live delivery.

Garden and Patio Live Mealworms

Best Large Worms

The Garden and Patio Live Mealworms offer large size and high density of nutrients for your pets feeding delight. They come in 1,000-count containers that can be easily refrigerated for extended life spans. A perfect option for larger reptiles, birds, fish, and chickens.

Bassett's Cricket Ranch Organic Mealworms

Largest Quantity

If you have a large number of pets that live feed, the Bassett's Cricket Ranch Organic Mealworms is the way to go. With an impressive count of 2,100 mealworms per container, you can be sure there will be enough for all your animals. They are organically grown and are safe, healthy, and easy to keep alive.

Don’t leave your live feeding animals hungry and keep them active with a constant diet of mealworms. Provide them with quality food that has been grown with love and free of hormones and insecticides. We are confident you will find the perfect choice for your pet with our selection.