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Here’s why everyone should have some ReadyRESCUE first-response on hand

Dr Cuddles ReadyRESCUE at home detoxifier for pets
Dr Cuddles

What do you do if your pet gets into something they weren’t supposed to, but you weren’t there to see it? If you have some of Dr. Cuddles’ ReadyRESCUE™ you can immediately administer the aid, buying your furry companion and you some more time to figure out what to do. ReadyRescue is a high-efficacy, first-response, and emergency oral aid that essentially absorbs toxins your pet ingested to both reduce the symptoms they would otherwise have and protect their little bodies. Utilizing activated carbon spheres, the aid immediately begins absorbing toxins in your pet’s body, binding them and reducing their impact. It could absolutely mean the difference between saving Fido’s life or losing him to something preventable.

You understand the scenario at this point, but let’s explore how ReadyRESCUE does what it does.

Bind the ingested toxins, reduce the danger

ReadyRESCUE household toxins it removes
Dr Cuddles

For the most part, if a human ingests something toxic, it’s possible to make them throw up and expel the toxin from their body consistently. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy to do with animals like dogs and cats. Studies show that when people make their pet vomit at home, it only results in vomiting 60% of the time, and when it works, only brings up half of the toxin. So not only is it not pleasant for them, it is not effective. If they eat an entire bowl of grapes, for example, you’re going to have a really tough time getting them to empty their entire stomach before it causes them irreparable harm. ReadyRESCUE is a viable answer to that problem, offering a first-response and emergency solution that is clean and easy to use. Frankly, you’ll always want to keep on hand.

Administering the aid to your pet is simple. You can mix it with their regular food and water, or you can add it to a treat, like a dollop of peanut butter that Fido would gladly gulp down. That makes it easier and possible to treat your furry companion. But here’s how it works: Once the aid enters your pet’s body, it will bind the toxins. Binding the toxin significantly reduces the amount of toxin absorbed by the body, reducing the severity of the clinical signs associated with the toxin or the damage that the toxin does to your pet’s organs. You should still visit your local vet or contact poison control for guidance and potential additional treatment.

Since dogs, cats, and other pets are relatively small in size, even just a small amount of a toxin or poison can wreak havoc. The smaller they are, the more likely it is to make it quickly into their bloodstream and spread. ReadyRESCUE helps to absorb toxins in your pet’s GI tract before they enter the bloodstream – enabling you to act fast when time matters the most. That gives you a little more time to assess the situation and take further action. It is always recommended to call your local pet hospital, veterinarian, or pet poison control center for additional guidance.

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ReadyRESCUE is a life-saving emergency aid for pets

Chocolate, grapes, onions, and raisins are all household foods that could cause your pets serious harm if ingested. There are also household chemicals, human medications, and recreational drugs like THC to be concerned about, especially if they’re readily available in your home. It’s not just that you might leave those items out. If you have children, roommates, or other guests, they could accidentally leave something your furry friend could get into. The unfortunate reality is that there are a lot of ingestion-related accidents that can happen, which makes it all the more important to have something like ReadyRESCUE on hand.

According to Direct Line Group, about 4.6 million dog owners and 2.5 million cat owners believe their pets consumed something poisonous and became ill, with one in nine pets suffering from a poisoning incident. It happens often, and it’s enough of a danger that preparation should be a priority for all pet households. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for you to consider stocking some ReadyRESCUE, just in case. From now until January 31, 2024, Digital Trends shoppers can buy ReadyRESCUE in any size for 10% off by using the code DIGITALTRENDS10.

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