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The best sleeping cat toys under $27 to save your sanity

We’ve all been there: You’re just about to fall asleep when you hear a ruckus from the next room. Your cat has found his favorite toy, and he’s going to enthusiastically play with it for the next 20 minutes. You don’t stand a chance of sleeping — unless you get some sleeping cat toys. By carefully choosing quieter toys for your kitty, you can encourage him to be active while you can still get the sleep you need. If your cat is the type who’s super active at night, then you may need to get strategic with your toy choice. These three toys cost less than $27, and they might just be able to keep you sane — and asleep!

Pet Craft Supply Co. Kitty Condor Crazy Catnip Cuddler

The Pet Craft Supply Co. Kitty Condor Crazy Catnip Cuddler is filled with organic catnip to pique your cat’s interest. That catnip is pesticide-free, so you can feel good about giving this toy to your cat. This crazy-looking condor features bright red feathers, and its size makes it easy for your cat to pick up the toy, toss it around, and cuddle with it. And your cat will do that — we’ve seen cats who’ve had these toys for years still seek them out, dig them up from their toy box, and carry them around the house.


  • Convenient size.
  • Filled with organic catnip.


  • You might find feather bits around your house.

Earthtone Solutions Felted Wool Ball Cat Toys

The Earthtone Solutions Felted Wool Ball Cat Toys are lightweight handmade balls that are wonderfully quiet. They’re made by artisans in Nepal, and they feature felted wool that’s sourced from New Zealand. Five bright colors and a convenient golf-ball size make these toys intriguing for your cat, and they’re perfect for batting and chasing without waking up the whole house. You can even hand-wash and air-dry these toys for easy cleaning.


  • Handmade by artisans.
  • Quiet, lightweight toys.
  • Hand washable for cleaning.


  • Cats might lose interest over time.

Friends Forever Interactive Laser

Perfect for quiet solo play at night, the Friends Forever Interactive Laser appeals to your cat’s hunting instincts and can operate entirely on its own. This laser creates a beam that moves across the floors for 15 minutes at a time. Then, the auto timer shuts it off, encouraging your cat to rest. It automatically rotates and has three speed settings, so you can keep play exciting. It operates on battery power, so there’s no need to worry about your cat getting tangled up in a power cord.


  • Automatic operation.
  • Silent performance.
  • Battery powered.


  • No power adapter included.

These toys are all great choices to keep your cat playing quietly while you sleep, but even the most captivating toys will get old after a while. To keep your cat from losing interest in his toys, buy plenty of toys and then rotate them. Each toy will still be new and exciting. It’s a good idea to put these toys away during the day, bringing them out only at night to keep them intriguing. If you can, position them on a carpet or in a room far from your bedroom to help minimize what noise your cat makes. Your cat’s play might not be entirely silent, but these toys will be quieter than most traditional cat toys.

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