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Good, better, best: Electronic toys with lots of movement your cat will love

Play is so important for cats for multiple reasons. It can help prevent boredom, keeps your cat physically active, and can even help keep your cat at a healthy weight. While the choice of cat toys for sale is almost endless, moving cat toys can be particularly engaging — and some can even operate when you’re not home or able to play with your cat. But electronic toys can also be prone to problems, so it’s important to choose the toys that work well and that appeal to your cat. Our top picks for the best electronic toys for cats are a great place to start.

Good: SmartyKat Loco Laser Cat Toy

Nothing beats a great laser pointer, and the SmartyKat Loco Laser Cat Toy is a fun, interactive option that will entertain both you and your kitty. This mouse-shaped laser pointer is comfortable to hold, and it creates a bug-sized laser spot that’s perfect for playtime. The toy is available in fun assorted colors, making it easy to spot. It even includes three replaceable batteries, so it’s ready for playtime as soon as it arrives. This laser pointer is a particularly great choice for indoor cats and appeals to their natural prey drive.

Why we love it:

  • Cute, fun design
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for interactive play
  • Includes replaceable batteries

Better: Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish

The Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish promotes interactive play, but you don’t have to be there to get it started. Its automatic motion sensor will set the fish wriggling when your cat touches it, and its motion is highly realistic. The motion sensor saves the batteries, so there’s no need to worry about the toy running endlessly when your cat isn’t playing with it. The fish includes a catnip pouch to help pique your cat’s interest, and it’s made of a durable plush that’s safe for your kitty. It’s even USB chargeable, so there’s no need to replace batteries, making for less waste and saving you money, too.

Why we love it:

  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Includes a catnip pouch
  • Rechargeable with a USB cord

Best: Enoctu Cat Toys Interactive Cat Laser and Cat Feather Toy

With the Enoctu Cat Toys Interactive Cat Laser and Cat Feather Toy, your cat will enjoy the thrill and entertainment of two toys in one. Whether your cat fancies a laser or feather, this toy will keep him satisfied and appeal to his hunting instincts. This automated toy will turn itself off after 30 minutes, no matter what mode it’s in, helping to keep your cat from being overstimulated. You can set it to rotate at slow, fast, or random speed. You can also clamp this toy onto a fixed object for extra security, keeping it upright and allowing your cat to play enthusiastically without disturbing it. It comes with three ribbons and two feathers for plenty of engaging playtime.

Why we love it:

  • Combines a laser and feather or ribbon toy
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Three modes
  • Comes with three ribbons and two feathers

When choosing the electronic cat toy that’s right for you and your cat, be sure to consider how the toy is powered. Battery-powered toys will need new batteries eventually, so choosing one that has rechargeable batteries can save you money and can be an eco-friendly decision. Toys with an automatic shutoff or sleep feature can help save power while also ensuring that your cat takes a break from intense playtime. Finally, consider whether you’ll want to be there playing with your cat, or if your cat would benefit from a toy that he can play with on his own. These toys can help prevent boredom and ensure your feline friend gets some exercise even when you’re not home to play with him.

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