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Chef Bobby Flay’s cat is launching his own cat food

You’re about to read a sentence that is one hundred percent true: Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his cat Nacho are launching a cat food line.

Nacho — a Maine coon who is absolutely adorable — and his dad are introducing the appropriately named Made by Nacho line of cat food, which promises “better taste and high-quality nutrition” for the “modern cat.” As you can see in the video below, Nacho is not only gorgeous, he’s bemused at the prospect of following his dad’s steps into TV stardom:

Nacho Flay Launches Made by Nacho

Jokes aside, Made by Nacho is legit. Sustainably caught salmon, grass-fed beef, and cage-free chicken dominate the recipes, and all products are made in the U.S. “using the finest globally sourced ingredients.” In addition to animal protein, foods contain bone broth (“in every recipe”), organic grains, and prebiotics. You’ll also find kale, pumpkin, blueberry, and cranberry on the ingredients list.

Nacho’s vet, Dr. Katja Lang, says, “I’ve worked closely with Nacho to make sure that his menu is full of the premium ingredients that offer the specific nutrients to keep all kitties thriving.”

The triumvirate of dry cat foods (chicken, salmon, and beef) are joined by wet food formulas and freeze-dried protein treats with the same flavor profiles. The Made by Nacho website sells all items individually, or — like his dad — Nacho offers tasting menus. “The Works” is a sampling of dry and wet foods along with a few treat packages. “Best in Broth” cobbles together all three wet foods for your feline friend to sample. (There are six tasting menus altogether.)

Flay isn’t the first Food TV personality to venture into pet food. Rachael Ray’s Nutrish brand has both dog and cat foods, though Nacho’s lineup seems a bit more premium to our eyes. Much like beloved pet food lines Orijen and Acana, Made by Nacho offers responsibly sourced ingredients and what some would call a “prey” diet; that is, if your cat were somehow a true predator, they would eat a similar variety of foods in the wild. (But let’s be real: the “modern cat” isn’t interested in hunting.)

Nacho seems to have put together a great team to bring your cat his line of foods and treats. His dad’s a chef, he got a vet to back his claims, and he’s still doing cat things while people do all the work.

Made by Nacho is available for purchase on his website with free shipping on orders over $35. If you would rather pick it up in-store, Nacho has struck an exclusive agreement with PetSmart to carry his line starting April 19.

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