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Video: Cat learns how escalators work

You can't miss this feline figure out the escalator in this funny cat video

Deep down, we all love to watch animals pretending to be human. It’s one of the favorite types of videos on the subreddit AnimalsBeingDerps, a popular spot on Reddit to post funny videos of every kind of animal out there. Sometimes we’re graced with a dog or cat, but plenty often, it’s a bird, rodent, or neighborhood deer. Whatever the content, it might be the best antidote to doomscrolling we’ve found, especially this particular funny cat video.

One of the best recent videos we loved involves a cute cat desperately trying — and failing — to figure out how escalators work, accurately titled “bro took the wrong escalator” by u/intruder_7. The caught-on-camera moment, originally from TikTok, depicts a sweet cat doing what every human child has attempted at least once: trying to outrun the down escalator fast enough to get up. While the first couple of shots go nowhere, he makes it further along than you’d expect … and promptly gets taken all the way back down. That must be why it’s captioned “The confidence & the confusion.” Luckily, this kitty has some good friends out there. A woman, who has clearly mastered escalators, goes up the correct one and spots the little cat struggling, so she returns down to help him. Another man also assists by placing the small feline on the right side, so he is able to travel up in style. At the end, he saunters off with a tiny tail flick to mark the occasion.

Commenters remarked on the heartwarming nature of the video as it shows humans and animals coming together in unusual circumstances.  The top response sums it up perfectly: “The lady coming back down to help the cat out. The man putting it on the right escalator. The calm way the cat lets herself be assisted. I love it all,” says u/Ciggybear. Other users felt the need to urgently communicate to this frisky feline with “Look out, kitty. LOOKOUT YOUR TAIL!” from u/Pilaf237 and another, u/superRedditer, remarking, “yea that’s risky business!” A few pointed out that the video mentions the location of the incident, Istanbul, a city known for having a large feral cat population. However, all’s well that ends well, and this one is no different. User u/SSara69 said, “I like how he looks back to seemingly say ‘thanks!'” and u/The-Turing-Test responded, “The little tail flick! I’m choosing to see that as a little wave of thanks.”

Derpy cat sits with its legs open and paws on the floor

No matter what your favorite cute cat videos are, we guarantee laughs for this one from the puzzling start to the triumphant finish. Once you know he makes it, it’s worth going back and giggling as he attempts the feat. So long sweet kitty, may your escalators always go up, or there be humans around to help you.

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