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Rebekkah Adams

Rebekkah Adams


Rebekkah’s been a writer and editor for more than 10 years, both in print and digital. In addition to writing about pets, she enjoys singing with her women’s choir, doing genealogy research, and exploring the streets of New York.

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Goldfish swimming past snails

How long do goldfish live? What to know about your new carnival prize

Don't believe the myth that goldfish should only like for a couple of years. With proper care, you could have your pet for a decade or more.
Close-up of Labrador dog looking out of a barrier fence

Why do dogs run away? Causes, prevention, and tips you need to know

Why do dogs run away? There are a few common causes, and luckily, a couple easy tips for keeping them safe and sound.
A woman lies in bed petting her cat

Why do cats like being pet? (and where you should pet them)

Cats remain a mystery but most of them pretty clearly enjoy attention from their humans. Here are four reasons cats love to be pet.
A dog sits at the feet of two humans

Does your dog constantly sit on your feet? This is why

Why do dogs lay on your feet? We cover the four most common reasons plus why they might sleep at your feet, too.
A woman pets her dog in a field

How to remove tree sap from your dog’s fur and paws

Sap can get into your dog's paws and fur. Once it's there, you'll have a tough time getting rid of it. Here's how to get sap out of dog fur.
A cat stares into the camera

Can cats see in the dark? We separate fact from fiction

Can cats see in the dark? You might think, of course, but the answer's a little more complicated and has to do with how their eyes work.
Dog sits in a chair wearing sunglasses

These are the best boy dog names we’ve ever heard

What are the best boy dog names? We'll break down how to choose a good one and give you some ideas for top monikers.
A white cat walks on a series of logs outside

Why do cats scream when mating? Here’s what to know

A mating encounter between cats can leave you feeling very different about feline parenthood. But it's all a normal part of the circle of life.
A white cats sits in front of flowers

7 interesting things about white cats that might surprise you

White cats look incredible but they have some extra health problems. Here's what you need to know before you bring one home.
Dog howls while standing near a flock of sheep in a pasture

This is why your dog always wakes you up howling in the night

Why is my dog howling at night? While their wolfy ancestors likely did so to assemble the pack, your pet has a few different reasons for vocalizing.
Don sphynx portrait at home in the cat house

How much do hairless cats actually cost?

Hairless cats make great pets, but they can cost extra. Find out what you should expect to pay to bring home an unfurry feline.
A Yorkie wears a jacket on the street with his owner

The most adorable toy dog breeds (that also make great pets)

These six toy breeds are adorable and will serve as the perfect pet for any family or household looking for a small dog.
Purebred Chihuahua puppy and a Great Dane sniffing each other

These are the longest-living dog breeds

What are the longest-living dog breeds? We'll walk you through the ones to know and how to extend any pup's lifespan.
A cat snuggling on a person's chest

Why do cats’ eyes dilate? What your pet’s extra big peepers mean

We all have eyes that dilate with diminished light but sometimes cats get particularly huge orbs for different reasons.
A woman outside sits with a pack of dogs

How many dog breeds are there, really?

How many dog breeds are there? It depends on who you ask, but it's definitely a big number and includes all the different purebred canines.
A brown and white dog eats a strawberry off a fork

Can dogs eat strawberries? Everything you need to know

Can dogs eat strawberries? We'll walk through which fruits your dog can eat and how you should serve them to your furry friend.
Fish resting in an aquarium

Do fish sleep? It’s complicated

Do fish sleep? While this isn't the same as in humans and other mammals, our swimmers do rest nearly every day (and especially at night).
Dog treats cut in shapes with roller

How to make homemade dog treats that last a long time

With proper care and the preparation, your homemade treats can last a long time. Check out these ideas to create the best dog treats out there
Small cat sleeping on her back

Why do cats twitch in their sleep? The real reasons behind this curious behavior

Cats are well known for twitching in their sleep. Here's what this peculiar behavior means, why it's important, and when to be concerned.
Dog perks his ears up in anticipation

Dog body language decoded: This is why dogs pull their ears back

Dogs use their ears to communicate all sorts of things, but pinning them back usually falls into one a few categories of feelings.
Dog stands on a pedestal

This is why dogs have tails, according to science

Animals evolved tails millions of years ago, but dogs have developed even more uses for these appendages, like communication.
A person scratches their cat's back

Can a cat’s tail really fall off?

While your cat's tail probably won't fall off, it can be prone to injuries. You should keep an eye on her and contact your vet if something happens.
Woman chops up veggies including celery for her dog

Can dogs eat celery? The do’s and don’ts you should know

Celery and other low-calorie vegetables make a great snack for your pooch as long as you give them in moderation.
Puppy scratches his ear on the sand

Hot spots on dogs: What you need to know

Hot spots might look scary but they usually signify nothing serious. You'll have to keep them at bay and hopefully eliminate the underlying issue.
Cat yawns while sitting in a window

4 reasons why cats wag their tails while lying down

Dogs wag their tails when happy, but why do cats do it? We cover the four most common reasons your feline will wag their tail while lying down.
Closeup of dog eye

Why do dogs get eye boogers? What you need to know about this common problem (and when you should be concerned)

Usually eye boogers in dogs are nothing to worry about, but they can indicate a bigger issue. Find out when you need to take your dog to the vet.
Dog wears a yellow sweater and looks at the camera

Why do dogs eat cat poop? And how you can get them to stop

Disgustingly, you might find your dog occasionally eating cat poop. Here's what you need to do to stop this behavior.
Baby bird standing up

Wondering what to feed a baby bird? Here’s how to take care of an orphaned bird

It's best for a baby bird to stay with its family, but some may end up orphaned. We offer tips on how to feed a baby bird and who to contact for help.
Cat squeezes her eyes shut

Can cats cry? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Can your cat cry real tears? Their eyes may water but it's not with emotion. Instead, you'll have to listen to their noises to determine their feelings.
Cat stands with a blue toy in her mouth

Cat zoomies: Why they do it, and what it means

What do the cat zoomies really mean? Most likely, they're just living their best life (and need a little extra playtime).
Cat licks his paw on the bed

Why do cats lick each other? It’s not always a bathing ritual

Cats lick each other, themselves, and us, but why? We explore the causes of this behavior and also look at when you should intervene.
Close up of a cat sticking out her tongue

Cat panting: 5 reasons behind this behavior and what you should do about it

We don't think about cats panting but it does happen. If you notice your animal with her tongue out, you might have to take a trip to the vet.
Dog licks its nose while sitting

Why do dogs like peanut butter so much? It’s more than just taste

Why do dogs like peanut butter so much? There are a few theories, but they all have to do with your pet's wild side.
Multicolored rabbit on carpet

This is how long you can expect your new pet rabbit to live

A pet rabbit’s life expectancy depends on a variety of factors. We explore how long a pet rabbit lives and how to extend their years.
Cat with empty bowl looking up

Loss of weight in cats can be a symptom of many things – Here’s what you need to know and when to call the vet

Loss of weight in cats is a serious issue. Here's why you need to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Guinea pig on hay

How long do guinea pigs live? Here’s what to know

This is how long you can expect your guinea pig to live — and ways you can help increase a guinea pig's lifespan, by keeping them healthy.
A small golden puppy runs across a yard

5 interesting things you might not know about the golden retriever

You might think you know the golden retriever breed, but are you aware of their history and special traits? Read on to discover the five things to know.
Cat nibbles her person's hand gently

Why do cats bite? Here are the 6 main reasons

Sometimes cats bite out of nowhere, but it's not actually for no reason. We'll walk through six potential causes for sudden snapping.
A dog lies on the floor making sad eyes up at the camera

Why do dogs cry? The 5 most common reasons

It can be tricky to nail down exactly what's causing your dog to whimper. By thinking through the different causes, you'll figure out how to meet their needs.
A cat lies on her back kneading

Why do cats make biscuits? Here’s why your cat kneads

There's a bit more to cats making biscuits than meets the eye. Here are the five main reasons why your pet might knead you or their surroundings.
A dog barks in front of a yellow background

Why do dogs bark? An expert guide to every yip, howl, and arf

Dog barking might annoy you, but it's a big part of communication. Figure out why they're barking and then train them to do it at the right times.
A small dog sits on the table at a vet office

Why do dogs’ anal glands fill up? Here’s what to know

Your pup's anal glands might fill up from time to time and require attention. We'll walk you through why they fill up and how to maintain them.
Golden retriever sleeping in bed with owner

How many hours a day do dogs sleep? It depends on their age and breed

If your dog sleeps a lot, you might be wondering whether something is wrong. We walk you through how much your pup should sleep.
Chihuahua cocks his head while lying on the carpet

Velcro dogs: The pets most likely to become mini stalkers (and what to do about it)

Do you have a velcro dog? Find out what it means to have a pup that follows you around constantly and what you can do to curb the behavior.
Hamster sleeps in a small wooden house in his cage

Why do hamsters sleep so much? When to be concerned about their health

Hamsters snooze a lot, especially during the day. Here's when you should be worried about your hamster's sleeping habits.
A dog steals dinner from the Christmas table

Vets reveal 5 biggest dangers to pets during the Christmas season (and what to do to keep them safe

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but vets warn it's also the most dangerous for pets. Keep track of these things so your animals stay safe.
A cat sits beneath a Christmas tree on top of a present

Video: This is everything that can go wrong with your cat and your Christmas tree

Cats can't help it: They have to climb the Christmas tree. While it looks funny in this video, you need to protect your pets this holiday.
A cat stares at the running sink carefully

Funny cat behavior: This confused kitty’s reaction to a running bath is hilarious

It's a well known fact that cats hate water, but where does this come from? Watch one cat's fascination with the tub and find out why cats hate wet.
Cat curled up in a ball while sleeping in grass

Video: We’ve seen some weird cat sleeping spots, but this feline’s is the strangest

Cats love to sleep in weird positions. Check out one of the strangest we've seen and learn more about why they choose weird spots to nap in.
Dog stares at a basket of laundry

Love funny dog videos? This pup jumped in the dryer to get at that nice, warm sleeping spot

Dogs love laundry, before it goes in and when it comes out warm. This funny dog video takes one pup's dryer obsession to its natural conclusion.