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Cat watches ‘The Lion King’ and freaks out during iconic scene

We’ve heard about dogs watching TV with their owners and there are even videos out there of pups who love to watch cartoons. But given how independent and unpredictable cats can be, we don’t expect them to have the same affinity for TV shows and movies as dogs do. However, after seeing this adorable video of a cat watching “The Lion King” like they’re totally into what’s happening with the plot, it’s clear that kitties can sometimes be just as interested in what’s happening on-screen as their canine counterparts.

In the clip, which was recently shared on Reddit, the cat is watching the live-action version of the film, and right around the 21-second mark, they loudly vocalize their concern for the lead character, Simba, after crawling right up to the screen to get a closer look. Their expressive meows resulted in chuckles from their humans in the background, and we’re sure you’ll have a similar reaction after seeing the video.

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Cat watches The Lion King and worries about Simba from AnimalsBeingDerps

How cute is this kitty? It’s almost like they were trying to climb through the screen to offer some sort of assistance or support for their new cat friend. You gotta love how they looked back at his owners as if to say, “Why are you just sitting there? Aren’t you going to do anything?!”

Given that the post has well over 200 comments, it’s safe to say Reddit users were equally as delighted with the clip. The general consensus seems to be that this cat has legit concern over those hyenas stalking Simba.

Atoning_Unifex said, “Kitty is like, well those things look scary, but they’re not any bigger than me I’m ready to take one on. Let’s go bitches bring it!” Haworthia22 made a good point, adding, “It’s always amazing to me when animals can sense and respond to danger when seeing images on a flat screen, without the benefit of the real physical presence and their ability to smell.”

And Icy_Day_9109 noted, “Fight or flight mode, kitty was going forward not back. Might be worried, but this cat is ready to jump in for Simba and Nala.”

Of course, at least one user had compassion for this little guy. Binary_Omelet felt bad for this sweet cat being unable to help Simba, saying, “Broke my f***ing HEART. Poor baby.”

One commenter, Bluuudlust, was quick to give credit to the makers of the movie, saying, “It’s a testament to the animators. It’s instinctual fear instilled in the animation.”

It’s impossible to know for sure what was going through this cat’s mind while watching the movie, but whatever the case might be, there was some sort of instinctual animal reaction going on! We’re sure their pet parents will get a kick out of this video for years to come.

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