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This video of cats playing volleyball together is adorable until it all goes wrong

These funny cats playing volleyball will have you in stitches

The only thing better than a cat video is a video with multiple felines playing sports. It’s certainly hard to pull off, especially because it’s usually dogs who prefer to go for a few rounds of catch. But a few cats have all the skills to pull it off… and others don’t. Many pet parents and fans chimed in on this particular example of cats playing volleyball with the funniest ending possible.

This video opens with three pretty kitties sitting in a triangle, clearly waiting for the main event to happen. Their human lifts up a small rubber ball and serves to cat #1, who expertly paws it right to his playmate, cat #2. Meanwhile, the biggest mouser sits waiting in anticipation for his turn to bat the ball out of the air. It zooms toward him with the others looking on expectantly and wallops the big tabby in the face, knocking him back gently (don’t worry, he’s fine). We get to see the same play in slow motion, followed by another expert spike from cat #2 that winds up bouncing off the already down cat. Oops!

Commenters loved this hilarious display of cat sportsmanship and talent, but especially enjoyed the tabby’s epic fail. Cole mentioned, “When I say I’ve got cat-like reflexes… I mean like the orange one?” while Russ Noe added, “Most of us are the orange tabby.” Users enjoyed playing and replaying this disaster while secretly rooting for the big guy who went down. Cory.Kelley13 summed it up: I’m laughing so hard I’m crying! ???. We’re all laughing with you happy tabby, not at you.

Two girls play with a cat
cottonbro studio / Pexels

How do I teach my cat to play with a ball?

Pet sporting events — from the puppy bowl to cat agility tournaments — capture the minds and hearts of viewers everywhere. We love the idea that enough training can turn any animal companion into a pro athlete. It will be difficult to teach your feline these moves, though, and most of us probably have a cat more in line with the tabby than the experts. Still, cat trainers recommend using your animal’s native instincts if you want them to engage with a ball or similar toy. Remember, your little cat loves hunting and will probably play with a mouse on a string, so start there. Others like to reach for the ball of yarn; start there and then slowly work up to a game of fetch. Make sure to incorporate plenty of rewards like treats or catnip when you start your training session too. While your pet might never make it to this level, you can always remind them that at least they didn’t get a ball to the head like the tabby.

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