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Check out these stocking stuffers your fur baby is bound to love

It’s that time of year for decking halls and jingling bells and no one deserves to be spoiled rotten over the holidays than your pets. Lucky for you, Chewy has it covered.

If you’re not the only one who has your pet’s stockings hung on the mantle next to your kids (or instead of your kids, no one’s judging), there are huge savings happening right now on as a part of the online retailer’s Early Cyber Savings. These Goody Boxes are ten percent off and are the perfect combination of treats and toys that will delight your fur baby on Christmas morning.

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Jakob Owens/Unsplash

According to Chewy’s website, and if you’re familiar with its Chewy Box, the Goody Box is similar, “only perfectly sized, curated and hand-packed as a gift box for pets.” It takes the guesswork (and time) out of shopping for gifts for cats or dogs, and it comes at big savings because it’s bundled together. Plus, they ship free and in one to two days in case you’re a last-minute shopper like me.

Check out this adorable Goody Box for dogs. It comes with treats and toys, and you can select small/medium or large dog breed to make sure the contents are just right for your pet. This one is holiday-themed, so it will get them in the holiday spirit. It comes with a plush reindeer, plaid fleece blanket, and treats perfect for noshing under the tree.

Tiny dog owners, Chewy has you covered, too. There’s a box for your wee one with treats, a two-in-one fried egg toy, and a Chewy bandana.

If you have a new puppy in your life, there’s a box for them, too. This Puppy Box comes with training bites, teething toys, and a stuffy to cuddle with while they sleep.

Let’s not forget about our feline friends. This Kitty Purr-adise box has treats including Tiki Cat Stix Chicken treats and Vital Essentials Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried treats, a cat track, and two super fun catnip toys that will keep them busy for hours. Plus, “unlike a puppy subscription box, you can get one for your pet, gift one for a pet-loving friend—or grab as many as you want!”

Jasmin Schuler/Unsplash

Chewy offers several options if your fur baby is grain-free or has other dietary restrictions so they are well taken of his holiday season. Plus, if your pet’s birthday is around the holidays, you can get them a birthday-themed box on sale as well. Of course, you’re going to want to get them two if your budget allows because, for those of us who share birthdays around this time, getting a two-for-one gift stinks.

Your cat or dog will be the envy of all its friends after you stock up their stockings. But don’t wait too long. This sale only goes through November 24, and while supplies last. All boxes are $24.99-27.99 and can be delivered well in advance of the big day.

Happy shopping!

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