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Crazy kitty bling your cat needs right now to live its best life

While we cat parents stand united in our love for our feline companions, one topic is extremely divisive: clothes. For some, the idea of dressing their cat in sweaters is ridiculous, even embarrassing. But there are those of us who think every cat deserves a wardrobe filled with the best kitty bling available. In fact, there’s even a national holiday that centers on dressing up your pets. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the perfect standout items for your beloved kitty. 

A green-eyed bengal cat wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped tag.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Mihachi Leopard Print Sweater

For the fashion-forward feline, nothing but the best will do. This leopard print sweater looks chic and elegant, and the ultra-soft, stretchy turtleneck will keep your beloved kitty toasty warm on a cool winter’s night. The sweater is available in three different sizes, so you’re bound to find an option for your kitty. Best of all, you can toss the sweater in your washing machine if it gets dirty. (We recommend laying it flat to dry to prevent shrinkage.)

Patgoal Rhinestone Collar and Leash Set

While your fur baby deserves diamonds, nothing short of the winning lottery numbers will make her dreams of precious gems come true. Thankfully, this leash and collar set from Patgoal gives her all the sparkle without the jaw-dropping price point. The set comes in black, pale pink, rose pink, and bright red suede leather, and it’s available in three different, adjustable sizes to fit most cats. Both the collar and leash are decorated in rainbow-hued rhinestones, so your precious fur baby can shine bright like a…Well, you know how the song goes.

BANMODER Cat Collar with Bow and Bell

Leopard print and rhinestones are perfect for female felines, but we can’t forget the purr-fect gentleman in your life. Available as single collars or a set of two, this precious belled collar lends an air of sophistication to your furry fellow. Choose between dashing tartan or darling daisy print. (Considering the low price point, you might want to snap up a few different collars.) The bowtie is removable in case you need to wash it, and the breakable design makes this collar safe for your kitty to wear day and night. 

A ginger cat wearing a blue collar stretches out on a blanket.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How to make your own cat gear

If store-bought accessories aren’t unique enough for your kitty, it’s time for a little DIY. Fortunately, there are tutorials for everything on the internet these days. We scoured the web for some easy-to-follow instructions. These are our favorites. 

Easy DIY cat collar

Want to make a cat collar but don’t know where to get started? This DIY kit from Etsy seller DoodleBugCraftFinds fits the bill perfectly. All you have to do is select a size option, choose your favorite color and place your order and you’ll receive a kit containing the collar webbing, a breakaway buckle decorated with an adorable black cat, a tiny bell, and all the hardware you need to make your own collar. Don’t worry about getting confused along the way. This seller also has a step-by-step YouTube tutorial so you can follow along without any mishaps. 

DIY cat sweater

If the thought of making your own cat sweater conjures images of spending hours hunched over a sewing machine, you’re in luck. This handy tutorial can teach you how to make a sweater for cats of any size using a sock or the sleeve of an old sweater. (Now you know what to do with those long-sleeved shirts that shrink in the wash.)

Step #1: Using a tube sock or a sweater sleeve, make sure you have the right size for your fur baby. Tiny kittens may need children’s socks, while an adult Maine Coon will probably need a sweater sleeve. (Don’t forget to remove the tip of the toe from socks!)

Step #2: After measuring the length from your cat’s neck to her front lets, cut armholes in the sock or sleeve. Try the sweater on your kitty to make sure you don’t need to widen the holes. If it’s a perfect fit, stitch or glue the edges to prevent the material from unraveling. 

Step #3: Now it’s time to decorate your sweater. This can be a great activity for kids to help with—just make sure a teen or adult handles any sewing that needs to be done. You can decorate with buttons, fabric pens, lace, or charms. Just make sure you use pet-safe materials. 

A gray and white cat wearing a red collar sprawls out against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

As you can see, you don’t have to break the bank for your feline fur babies to live their best lives. And if store-bought kitty bling just isn’t special enough, you can always make your own. Your kitty will look adorably stylish whether you choose one of our favorite picks or decide to give a DIY tutorial a go.

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