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10 cute Siamese cat names you’re going to want to steal for your feline friend

If you’ve just added a Siamese kitten or cat to your home, chances are you’re still getting to know your new best friend. You’re also probably trying to pick out a name that’s just right for your new addition. Finding that perfect name can take some time, but certain names just seem meant for Siamese cats. While you learn about your new cat’s personality and habits, consider the following 10 cute Siamese cat names. You might find some inspiration from them that leads to your cat’s new name, or you might decide that one of them is just right for your feline friend.

Siamese cat sitting on a porch
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What are some unique cat names?

These Siamese cat names can help you to get started choosing the right name for your new addition.

  • Bailey: Since Siamese cats have cream-colored coats, this name, in reference to Bailey’s Irish Cream, is a purr-fect choice.
  • Loki: Naming a Siamese after the trickster God, Loki, is all too appropriate, especially if your cat loves to stir up some chaos around the home.
  • Mocha: Mocha is a great choice for a male or female Siamese, especially for one with dark mocha-colored points.
  • Houdini: Athletic and full of mischief, Siamese cats are natural mini Houdinis.
  • Ninja: If your cat has some serious moves and isn’t afraid to show them off, Ninja might be an appropriate moniker.
  • Isis: The Egyptian goddess of magic and the moon, Isis is a great name for an elegant and enchanting Siamese cat.
  • Jinx: This fun and playful name is a perfect choice for an equally fun and playful Siamese.
  • Latte: Another reference to the breed’s color, Latte is a catchy name for a coffee-colored kitty.
  • Boots: The name Boots is a great fit, referencing your cat’s darker colored “boots.”
  • Frisbee: Frisbee is a fun, playful name that’s a fitting choice for silly, playful cats.

What are the Siamese cats’ names in Aristocats?

For many movie buffs, their earliest introduction to the Siamese breed comes from the movie, The Aristocats. The film depicts a mother cat named Duchess, as well as her three kittens, Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse. The cats have French names because the movie is set in France, but Shun Gon, a Siamese cat, also makes an appearance.

Other cat names from the movie include Scat Cat, Peppo, Billy Boss, and Hit Cat.

Siamese cat crouched down in a grassy area

Tips for naming your Siamese cat

Naming a cat might seem like an easy task at first, but it can actually be more challenging than you might think. There are some important tips to keep in mind when you’re thinking about names for your cat.

Think about the length of the name

Look for names that are multiple syllables, so your cat can hear and recognize them easily, but stay away from super-complicated names that are hard to say. If you do choose a complicated, longer name, you’ll probably want to shorten it to a nickname so you can easily call your cat. Make sure all of your family members agree on the nickname since it will be easier for your cat to learn his name when you’re all using it around him.

Take into account the names of others in your household

It’s also a good idea to avoid names that sound very similar to the names of other people or pets in the household since this could confuse your cat. Also try to avoid using names that rhyme with common commands, like no.

Take your time

To find the right name, brainstorm a list of potential options. Write down all of the potential names so you can go through and gradually eliminate the ones that aren’t quite right. This strategy can help you to find the best name that really fits your cat.

Take your time figuring out the right name for your cat, and wait until you find a name that’s perfect. Sometimes, you need to get to know your cat for a couple of weeks before the right name suddenly strikes you. These names are often the best since they truly reflect and fit your cat’s personality. Once you settle on a name, make sure that you update it at your vet’s office, so it’s on all of your cat’s records. If you’ve microchipped your cat, you’ll need to update the name with the company, too. And, of course, get all of your family members to start using the name around your cat so he learns to recognize it.

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