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These friendship bracelets prove you and your cat are BFFs

Remember those matching friendship bracelets that you and your best friend wore as kids? Well, now you and your best four-legged friend can wear matching bracelets, too. These cat collars come with coordinating bracelets for you, so you and your cat will match and look fabulous. Not only are these sets perfect for a photo op, but they’re also sure to become a talking point during parties and get-togethers. Plus, they’re available in all sorts of designs, so you can choose the set that matches your purr-sonal style. Here are our top picks for the best cat collars and friendship bracelet sets that both you and your cat are certain to love.

FriendshipCollar Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set

  • Available in four colors and eight sizes
  • Made with animal-friendly vegan leather
  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to animal shelters

Available in four glittery colors, the FriendshipCollar Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set set will have you and your cat shining brightly. Made with animal-friendly vegan leather, this set is soft and comfy. The buckle closure and D ring are elegantly gold plated, and you can choose from eight sizes for the perfect fit. A portion of each sale helps feed homeless animals in shelters, just one more reason to buy this set.

Pettsie Heart Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Cat collar is breakaway
  • Available in two colors

The Pettsie Heart Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet is available in two collars and is designed for comfortable wear. The cotton collar and bracelet are perfectly coordinated, complete with a heart made from beechwood. Lightweight and breathable, this set is charming. The collar features a breakaway to keep your cat safe.

Pettsie Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet

  • Bow tie offers a whimsical touch
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Features a safety breakaway buckle

The Pettsie Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet is available in two fun colors and comes complete with a beechwood bow tie for a sophisticated touch. Collar and bracelet are made of cotton, keeping them both lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear. The collar features a breakaway buckle to help keep your kitty safe.

FriendshipCollar Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set

  • Features an adorable heart design
  • Made with vegan leather
  • Gold-plated buckle enclosure and D ring add an elegant touch

The FriendshipCollar Cat Collar and Matching Bracelet Set will have you and your cat decked out in fabulous fashion. Its cute design is sure to catch attention, and the gold-plated buckle closure and D ring add a luxurious touch. The set is crafted from animal-friendly vegan leather, and a percentage of each sale helps feed homeless animals in shelters.

Pettsie Cat Collar Breakaway & Matching Friendship Bracelet

  • Available in three colors
  • Nature-inspired design
  • Collar is adjustable

With its nature-inspired tones and design, the Pettsie Cat Collar Breakaway & Matching Friendship Bracelet is a great choice for the stylish cat and pet parent. Made of cotton, the set wears comfortably and is lightweight. The collar has a safety breakaway buckle, and plenty of adjustment options mean both you and your cat can get the right fit. The set comes in a gift box, ideal for giving to a pet lover.

While these sets are tons of fun, don’t forget that a collar is an important safety addition for your cat. Having your cat always wear a collar with ID tags can increase the chances of your cat being quickly returned to you if he ever escapes or gets lost. When choosing a collar, always look for one with a safety breakaway feature that will free your cat if he gets hung up on an object. Of course, you can have tons of fun choosing the perfect collar by exploring these kits. Coordinating your outfit with your cat is a fantastic way to show that you two are best friends for life.

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