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3 comfy cat window perches that are easy to install

If your cat loves sleeping in the windowsill, he’s probably soaking up every beam of sunlight he can while also watching the birds. But windowsills don’t offer your cat a whole lot of room to stretch out, and they aren’t the most comfortable spot for a nap. A cat window perch can solve both issues and leave you with a happier cat.

These perches mount to windowsills or the windows themselves, and they can give your cat the best vantage on the outdoors. Available in many styles and sizes, these four perches offer quality and comfort that your cat’s sure to enjoy.

Sweetgo Cat Window Perch

  • Quick installation
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Plush cover offers comfort

The Sweetgo Cat Window Perch provides your cat with a stable, sturdy base. Installation takes only about five minutes, and your cat can jump up and sleep on the perch without it wobbling. The MDF board, which makes up the base of the perch, is topped with a soft, plush cushion to maximize Kitty’s comfort. The cover is removable, so it’s easy to clean. This perch measures 24 by 12 inches and can hold about 35 pounds, making it a great choice for any cat.

To install the perch, you’ll need just a windowsill that’s no less than 3 inches deep. All installation hardware is included.

Zalalova Cat Window Perch

  • Installation requires no tools
  • Can hold up to 60 pounds
  • Mesh base designed to prevent your cat from getting too hot

This cat window perch’s no-tools installation option is easy and versatile. The Zalalova Cat Window Perch mounts right to the window, so you can position it almost anywhere. Its screw suction cups can hold up to 60 pounds, and the screwing motion pushes out air for a stronger, more secure adhesion to the window. The perch is topped by a machine-washable cover that’s breathable and comfortable. Its PVC frame is strong yet lightweight, and the base is made of a mesh that promotes air circulation to keep your cat from getting too hot.

When hung, this perch measures 27.5 inches high by 19.6 inches long by 11.8 inches wide.

Pefuny Cat Window Perch

  • Rope clip slots ensure a more stable design
  • Quick installation
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning

This window perch offers a 360-degree sunbath for cats and the cozy cat bed — it comes with flannel pads — lets your cat enjoy the warmth in luxury. Supported by four suction cups and extra thick wire ropes, this window perch can hold more than 40 lbs, so even larger cats can use it. Rope clip slots were added to the frame structure to make it more stable. It’s covered by removable outdoor and rugged fabric, which makes it easy to maintain. Even better for you? It can be installed in minutes.

Choosing the best window perch for cats

When deciding which window perch is right for your kitty, consider your cat’s size and each perch’s measurements. You’ll also want to think about where you might want to install the perch, as well as each perch’s installation requirements. Some require specific windowsill widths, so verify those beforehand to make sure the perch you choose will work. Your cat may take a little time to warm up to the new perch, but choosing a nice sunny spot where he already likes to hang out can help. Try adding some catnip to the perch to capture your cat’s interest and he should catch on to the idea quickly.

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