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4 Apple Watch apps every dog owner should have

Technology makes life easier in so many ways, but can it help with your dog? Absolutely! With our favorite pet apps, any Apple Watch owner can take control over their dog’s health, from tracking your daily walks to keeping an eye on him while you’re out. Whatever you need, Apple has it.

Many dog apps aim to do the same few things, but it can be tricky to tell which are the best. Luckily for you, we’ve selected some of the top-rated, most reputable apps in the digital store, so now it’s up to you to download and try them out. What are you waiting for?


Now, your dog can be your workout buddy, too! With this collar-attached device and Apple Watch–compatible app, you can keep track of some of your pup’s most important health routines: his sleep patterns, exercise levels, and more. It’s like a Fitbit for your dog!

For users in the United States, purchasing a FitBark GPS will let you monitor your dog’s location 24/7 via both WiFi and cellular tracking. When your pet enters or exits one of your designated “safe zones,” which you can set up manually on the app, you’ll automatically have a notification sent to your watch.

FitBark tracks much more than just activity. Both FitBark models — with and without GPS abilities — monitor your dog’s sleeping habits, mobility, skin itchiness, and even anxiety levels all with one device! FitBark makes it easy to add your veterinarian or family to your pup’s account, so now everyone can keep track of Fido’s health. Plus, it’s motivation to help get you moving, too!

a man standing in tall tan grass with his dog stops to check his smart watch
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Tractive Dog Walk

If you want to keep track of your dog’s activities but aren’t ready to commit to a whole device, Tractive Dog Walk lets you do exactly that. Just open the app when you’re ready to get moving and tap the start button to, well, start! It’s super easy to use, so you won’t be distracted from enjoying walks with your best friend.

From there, the app will do most of the work for you, recording your walk on a map so you can keep track of the distance, location, and duration of your trek. If you want to mark where your pup does his business, just click the corresponding button to list a number one or number two on the map. You can even toggle features to keep track of more than one pup per walk.

Your previous walks won’t be deleted, so you’ll always be able to go back and compare. You can even share walks on social media directly through the app; you can even do it live!

Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo

With over 100 training videos to learn from, this app will be your best buddy (other than your real best buddy, of course). It has both written and video instructions, so you won’t have to rewatch the same video again and again.

A library of training and obedience videos isn’t all, of course! This app also has a built-in clicker for pups who use clicker training, though you can choose from several sounds instead of a boring old click. For dogs who are hard of hearing, choose the flashlight option instead.

Don’t know where to begin your training? No worries; just take Dogo’s onboarding quiz when you download the app. When you’re done, they’ll recommend a personalized training program just for your four-legged friend.

Here are just a few of the commands and tricks you and your pup can master with this helpful app:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Leash walking
  • Jump over
  • Crawl
  • High-five
  • Fetching their leash
  • Focus

There’s even more to discover with Dog Training by Dogo. You’ll learn how to teach your bestie some of the most useful commands along with some impressive tricks, and before you know it, you’ll be showing off at the dog park.

a woman reclines in bed with her dog leaning into her side while she looks at her smartphone
Samson Katt/Pexels

Dog Monitor

If you want to keep tabs on your four-legged friend while you’re away, Dog Monitor will help. You’ll need a second device stationed in your room or yard — you’ll need to be able to see, after all — but once they’re both set up, you’re good to go. This app is the first to offer unlimited reach, so you can check on your pet from literally anywhere.

Although you’ll need an Apple device with iOS 6 or higher to take advantage of the video feature, other activity logs can be accessed with any device. With a simple glance at your wrist, you’ll know when your dog is resting, active, or noisy, or you can set the app to vibrate to get a subtle alert when he barks.

There are even more features to keep you connected with your pet, including a microphone and speaker system that lets you talk to him while you’re out and about. It’s certainly not the same as being with him at home, but Dog Monitor will help you stay more connected than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for an app to help keep your pup safe or one to keep him active or healthy, the Apple App Store has it all. These particular apps are highly reviewed and updated regularly, so you know you’ll be getting the best for your pet — and for you!

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