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4 best dog car seats to ensure a safe ride with your pup

Spotting a happy dog with her face out the car window, tongue wagging in the breeze is an absolute delight. It seems completely innocent, just like a small dog resting on the passenger seat, but is it truly safe? There are many ways of approaching canine car safety, but it might leave you wondering: Does my dog need a car seat?

While your dog doesn’t need a car seat specifically, some form of safety restraint will make traveling with your pet immensely safer. Not only will your fur baby be secure in case of an accident, but she also won’t be able to cause one by distracting you. Think about it this way: if your small dog is not harnessed in and you were to suddenly stop short or get into an accident, your pup would be thrown through the vehicle, which would be awful.

Given the volume of dog car seats available online and in pet stores, it’s important to find a brand that tests its products for both safety and comfort. These are four of the best dog car seats, especially for smaller breeds.

Bloblo Dog Car Seat Pet Booster Seat

Easy installation, storage pockets, and safety for your dog? Yes, please! Bloblo’s booster seat for dogs is a padded, raised bed for your pup to sit or stand on, but it also includes storage pockets on each side so you can keep the essentials handy. It uses a strap to secure your pup to the seat (remember a harness!) and straps into your car easily itself. Bonus point: It’s washable!

PupSaver Original Dog Car Seat

This seat is designed with care, crash-tested, and made with top-quality materials to keep dogs safe in the car. It’s designed to fold over your pup in case of an accident, acting as a protective wall around her, which means it’s also designed to be rear-facing. Like other effective car seats, it includes straps to secure the seat to the car and the dog to the seat.

Snoozer High-Back Console Lookout Pet Car Seat

For pups who want to stay with you at all times, a dog car seat for your center console can be exactly what you’re looking for. It uses the same safety elements as other canine car seats, including containment straps and high walls on all sides of the dog, though this is unique since it’s meant to fit on the console.

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Booster Seat

This unique car seat helps your small dog stay both secure and elevated with its hanging basket design. Its adjustable straps wrap around any car seat in two separate places, creating a seat so stable, it can reduce motion sickness. It also includes a built-in tether, quilted padding, and soft microsuede for ultimate comfort. After experiencing a booster seat like this, your pup won’t want to go back!

There are many car seats, safety harnesses, and seat pads that can help keep pups safe while traveling in cars, though you’re the one who knows what’s best for your pet. And remember: Just because she doesn’t like her car seat at first doesn’t mean it won’t be a great long-term investment.

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