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Good, better, best: Oversized dog beds your pup will love

If you’ve ever come home from work and caught your pup snoozing on your bed, you know. Dogs like a soft place to lie down every bit as much as we do. And why not? They spend as much as 18 hours a day sleeping.

Big dogs, in particular, can develop health-related problems, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and joint pain, as they age. Not only does the right bed provide comfort and support, but it also can enhance good sleep, which is equally important for their cognitive health. The right bed is also one that gives your pooch plenty of room to stretch out comfortably.

So, how big should a dog bed be? Take a look at these oversized dog beds for your favorite pup.

Good: FurHaven Orthopedic Luxe Lounger

This dog bed by FurHaven is the best seller on Amazon for good reason. With six sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your pet perfectly. We also like these features:

  • The open mattress design makes it easy for your pup to get in and out of the bed and sleep in his favorite position.
  • The washable bed cover comes in 11 colors and is made of plush faux fur.
  • The medical-grade solid orthopedic foam is easy on joints and does not flatten.

Reviewers, especially those with big dogs, say the bed keeps its shape and is super comfortable for those with arthritis and hip dysplasia. It’s also a big hit for picky dogs who are choosy about the style of bed they sleep in.

Better: Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed

Egg crate construction, flannel covering, nonskid bottom — what more could you ask for in a dog bed, right? How about these three bonus items?

  • A great price, no matter the size. The smallest size (28 by 23 by 7 inches) is under $40, while the largest size (53 by 42 by 8) sells for $119.
  • Washable cover with a double-sided zipper, which makes for easy off and easy on.
  • Waterproof lining, just in case your pup becomes sick or has an accident.

Online reviewers rave about the bed’s quality and say the bed keeps its original shape after multiple uses, and that it’s a big hit with their dogs, especially those recovering from surgeries.

Best: Casper Dog Bed

Well, you treat your dog like a member of the family, so why not buy him a dog bed manufactured by a mattress company? When your dog sleeps on a Casper dog bed, he’s sleeping on a mattress made with memory foam and support foam to give him a good night’s sleep (or daytime nap).

We also appreciate:

  • The research: 110 prototypes developed, 480 hours of laboratory testing, and 11 months of dog sleep studies.
  • The 30-day, risk-free trial.
  • Free shipping and returns.

You’ll pay more for this dog bed, but customers rave about Casper’s quality and customer service. Pet owners with dogs who like to scratch their bedding before they lie down say the material holds up well to the abuse. Another says her dog, who has a choice of several different beds throughout the house, seeks out the Casper to catch a nap during the day.

One more thing.…

While it might be tempting to cuddle with your dog in your own bed, experts advise against it. Research from Mayo Clinic indicates that your quality of sleep suffers when your dog sleeps in your bed as opposed to sleeping in his own bed in your room.  So, while your dog (and maybe you, if you’re being honest) loves snuggling in your bed, buying him his own oversized dog bed is a sure way to ensure sweet dreams for you both.

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