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The seven greatest dog names for your new best friend

Fido, Spot, and Daisy are probably among the names that come to mind when you think of some “common” dog names. But if you want to be original, forgo the most popular pet names and instead opt for one of these cute, unique dog names that is sure to be memorable.



There’s just something about naming one species of animal after another animal or plant that is quite pleasing. Lily and Goose are two such popular dog names that we’ve heard before. However, we are looking for a special name, so you’ll have to get more exotic with your choices. Naming your dog Ladybug will likely lead to many smiles from those who hear the name for the first time. Or you can choose an ironic animal name, such as Snail for a greyhound. If you don’t like the idea of naming a dog after another animal, but are fine with plant names, maybe consider the names Eucalyptus or Peach.

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Food-inspired dog names are another fun trend. Mochi and Sushi are relatively common cat names, but naming a dog after a food seems less familiar. When you envision a meatball, you probably think of a warm, inviting bowl of pasta. This welcoming attitude could also be true of the personality of a dog named Meatball. You could also give your dog a food-related nickname, such as Ana Banana or Nacho for a dog named Ignacio if a single food word as a name seems too extreme to you.


Naming your dog after a famous (real or fictional) dog can evoke emotions associated with the namesake’s story. Other famous dogs to name yours after include Scooby or Lassie. For instance, Scooby would be good for a goofy dog, while Lassie would be a good match for a loyal pup. Alternatively, you could name your dog after a famous (real or fictional) human. Human monikers that would be suitable for some dogs include Curie and Hagrid. Or Beyonce for a dramatic, diva dog. Be sure to take your dog’s personality into account when choosing to name them after a famous person, unless you’re going for an oxymoron.


In different regions of the world, royal titles vary. Learning about some of these labels may spark ideas for great dog names. Princess and Duke are two basic royal names, but don’t stop with English titles. Sheikh is an Arabic honorific title. Duquesa and Reina are the Spanish translations for duchess and queen, respectively. And looking outside of Europe for inspiration will lead you to names like Emperor and Druk Gyalpo, which is the title of the Bhutanese monarch that means “Dragon King” in Dzongkha, the language spoken in Bhutan.

best dog names
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Naming your dog can be as fun as naming a new child! Take this opportunity to give your dog a human name if you feel like it. Again, in this article we’re touching on unique dog names, so don’t choose a name like Rebecca or Mary. Recognize that some human names just don’t fit dogs. Ruby is fine for a dog, but Annette doesn’t really seem to work as a dog name. Unique human names for dogs might draw from names common in other languages that are less frequently heard in English, such as Hiroto or Capucine.


Dog names inspired by occupations give the idea that your dog is a hard worker. Piper doesn’t exactly fall into that category, but you get the idea. Boxer and Farmer are two other occupational names that rile up visions of diligent, persistent, strong people. Like other names derived from everyday words, not all occupations will make good dog names. Calling for ‘Electrician’ or ‘Plumber’ at the dog park would probably get you a few odd looks.


You might choose to describe the way your dog looks with their name. Yeti would be a great option for a fluffy dog, like a samoyed. Pepper would suit a black dog. And many people call dachshunds hot dogs — so why not name your dachshund puppy Hot Dog? Also consider names that indicate color, shape, size, or coat texture or length. These types of names are special because people can predict what your dog looks like before meeting them.

No matter what name you might have been dreaming of, give yourself a chance to learn your dog’s personality before committing to a name for them. Use these ideas as the basis to help you get started on your dog-naming journey and let your creativity take over from there. You’ll come up with the perfect name for your new pup in no time!

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