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8 Christmas dog collars to adorn your pooch in the spirit of the season

Christmas is such a happy time of year, and it’s so much fun to include our dogs in the holiday cheer. One great way to do that is to dress them up in festive outfits. If your dog isn’t comfortable wearing clothes, she can still join in the fun. Following is a selection of great Christmas collars under $20 to help put your dog in the holiday spirit.

1. Christmas bow tie plaid collars

These soft, flexible, and fashionable red and green tartan collars are perfect for the holiday season. They come in a pack of two each with a bow tie that can easily be removed depending on your dog’s activity. Each collar has a bell attached to help your dog ring in the holidays.

2. Dog collar Christmas bandanas

These collar/bandana mixes are made of high-quality polyurethane and cotton. The festive bandana scarves feature Santa and his bag of toys. The collars come in a pack of two and are good for small to medium-sized dogs.

3. Naughty-and-nice holiday collar

This lovely red-and-green festive collar is made with sturdy nylon webbing. The bright designs are stain-resistant and won’t fade over time, so your dog will probably sport this design for several holiday seasons.

4. Sparkling bow tie Christmas collar

If you have a holiday party planned, your four-legged friend will fit right in with this flashy bow tie attached to a red-and-green collar decorated with white reindeer. The bow tie can easily be removed when necessary. The collar is made of high-quality polyester with eco-friendly plastic buckles.

5. Christmas clown collars

Not all holiday collars are for practical use. These clown collars are just for fun and a great way to include your dog in the festivities. The collars come in a pack of four and in different holiday colors and designs, including Christmas trees and snowflakes. Each color also has small colorful Christmas bells attached.

6. LED light Christmas collars

Bright, colorful lights are all part of holiday cheer, which makes these LED light-up Christmas collars such a wonderful choice. These rechargeable safety dog collars come in combinations of red, green, white, and blue and are decorated with bells, Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowflakes. What fun having your dog all aglow as you take an evening stroll during the holiday season.

7. Plaid bow tie collars with matching bandanas

This six-piece set includes two plaid bow tie collars with two matching bandanas and two reindeer antler headbands. These classic plaid designs come in red and green, and it’s a fun pack to purchase if you enjoy accessorizing.

8. The Grinch Christmas collar

If you’re a fan of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, you’ll love this festive collar. It’s all handmade using cotton quilting fabric over webbing. And since the collar is custom made for your dog, you can choose from a selection of colors for the plastic buckle at checkout.

Before ordering a collar, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck using a cloth tape or a string. When fitting a new collar on your dog, you should be able to get two middle fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. And, of course, you shouldn’t be able to slide the collar over your dog’s head. Always supervise your dog when she’s wearing a collar with bows to prevent a choking hazard. And finally, we wish you and your pup many hours of snuggle time this holiday season.

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