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This amazing tech for your pet is one of the best Prime Day deal’s out there

You'll love this Prime Day deal for your pet

With Prime Day deals upon us, and electronics going on discount like there’s no tomorrow, many folks may not realize that there are some interesting electronics they can grab for their pets. For example, this Furbo dog camera has a great deal going on right now, bringing it down to just $147. The usual retail value for the Furbo is $210, so you’re getting a chunky on it, or roughly 30% off, which is big and worth a pickup if you want a great pet camera for your home.

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All the reasons to buy the Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera with dog.

Launched on IndieGoGo in 2016, the Furbo Dog Camera has had a successful campaign. Pet owners love it because it gives them peace of mind and is highly functional. It has an HD camera that allows you to zoom in 4x, so you can see your precious pet even if they’re a ways away from the lens. The camera can also rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to see your furry friend in any corner of the room as long as the device is set up in a central location.

The Furbo Dog Camera isn’t just an amazing pet camera, though. It contains a two-way speaker, which allows you to speak to your pet and soothe them if they’re nervous when you’re away. It also allows you to listen in and correct poor behavior like scratching or dumping over the garbage. Furbo detects your dog’s barks and your cat’s meows and notifies you when they’re getting loud, which makes it a great pet tracker for those living in multi-family homes and who don’t want to disturb the neighbors.

One feature that puts the Furbo at the top of the list of best pet cameras, though, is its built-in treat feeder. You can control the output of treats through the device’s free app, and you can even control the size of the treat you give them in order to adhere to special diets.

Additional features are available with a Furbo Dog Nanny subscription, which costs about $7 per month. Features include a more comprehensive alert system that detects movement and can even take adorable photos of your dog when it approaches the camera. Cloud storage can store video clips up to 15 seconds for 24 hours when events are detected by the sensor. There’s even an emergency system that notifies you of smoke or fires so that you can respond faster and keep your pet safe.

Overall, we like the Furbo dog camera as a Prime Day smart home deal that lets you keep an eye on your pet while also being able to give them treats and help with their anxiety. We also suggest checking out the ultimate pet tech buying guide for more tips and tricks on stuff you can pick up for your little loved one.

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