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6 affectionate and cute dog breeds for owners who love to cuddle

Different dog breeds that are cute and that any owner would love

Sometimes, a dog simply falls into your life with no notice. Other times, however, you have the opportunity to plan for welcoming your new furry friend. You might even want to research different dog breeds to decide the kind of pet you’re looking for. Do you want an athletic canine bestie? Or would you prefer a buddy who wants to hang out on the couch?

Affection is one other quality that many look for in a pet. After all, nothing beats a good cuddle with your pup after a long day. Luckily, all the cute dog breeds on this list are known for their affectionate natures, so they’ll be just as happy for a snuggle session as you will. Take a look!

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A side profile of a merle Great Dane

Great Dane

Although a lot of people think of small dogs as the cuddliest, that’s not always the case. The American Kennel Club (AKC) explains that this breed “need[s] lots of affection and socialization with people and other animals, making them great family pets.” They are called “Gentle Giants” after all.

These massive dogs are known for being great with children, too, though the AKC advises that all child-dog playtime be supervised. Gigantic Great Danes are gentle, but they’re still large and heavy dogs. Luckily, they also tend to be eager to please, so as long as you stay consistent with training, so will they!

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel stands on a garden path and looks into the camera

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

These sweet dogs are known for their devotion to loved ones, which they show in a number of ways, including affection. They enjoy taking walks with their owners just as much as they love some sofa snuggles, so that’s why the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club recommends this breed for families. Don’t be fooled by that cute face and floppy ears, though, these pups can be smart as a whip, too!

Here’s the thing: This breed can be susceptible to a number of health issues due to poor breeding, so be sure to do your research before bringing home a new friend. This is a great rule to keep in mind no matter what breed you’re looking into, as no one can predict future health concerns with perfect accuracy.

A black and white Staffordshire bull terrier lies in the grass, tilting their head

Staffordshire bull terrier

Pit bull breeds, which include the Staffordshire bull terrier, have gotten a bad reputation over time. In reality, these dogs are some of the most loving pups out there. Canine behaviorist Kamal Fernandez told DailyMail that, “with a little patience and love, they can be some of the most affectionate dogs.”

Like most breeds, a great way to ensure you’re raising a loving dog is to begin socialization and positive reinforcement training as soon as you’re able. When you show dogs care and affection, they’re more likely to show it back. Of course, some individual dogs won’t follow their breed standard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own way to show love.

A bchon frise with a fluffy head and tail stands on a grassy path and looks back

Bichon frise

Small, cute dog breeds like the bichon frise (French for curly haired lap dog) are the perfect example of an affectionate dog breed, too. They’re friendly, outgoing, and oh-so-funny! And although these little comedians make friends wherever they go, they’re the perfect companion for their owners — cuddles and all. The AKC calls them “adaptable companions,” which means they’re happy to go with you wherever your life takes you. They’re even great apartment dogs.

Light brown miniature poodle sitting and looking at the camera

Poodles and poodle mixes

There are oodles of poodle mixes making headlines these days, but they all share their ancestors’ affinity for companionship (and their hypoallergenic fur). Poodles themselves are equally outgoing and smart, according to the AKC, so they’re happy to bond with their owners through anything from obedience training to affection.

When it comes to poodle mixes, though, different dog breeds have some of their own unique characteristics. But here’s the catch: Many of the breeds poodles are mixed with are just as loving and friendly. Some of them are even on this list. Keep on reading!

A golden retriever stands on a boulder in front of a blue sky

Golden retriever

It’s true, whether a dog is mixed or purebred, having golden retriever genes almost always means lots of love. In fact, Fernandez told DailyMail that “Nothing makes them happier than cuddling their loved ones. Golden retrievers are one of the most affectionate, gentle, and soft-natured breeds.” How sweet.

Of course, a golden’s loving demeanor is easy to see. This breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world — and for a very good reason. From their gentle cuddles to their joyful zoomies, just about everything they do can make you smile.

Although these six affectionate dog breeds are known for cuddles and companionship, there are so many more that could make the list. And let’s not forget the mutts! What breeds have you found to be the most affectionate?

Remember — it’s important to keep in mind that any breed of dog has the potential to be affectionate. Genetics aren’t the only factors that determine a dog’s demeanor — a little love can go a long way. And just because your pup isn’t a cuddler now doesn’t mean they never will be. Besides, there’s a myriad of ways to show your dog how much you love them!

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