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Viral video of a deaf dog that thinks she’s barking is the cutest thing ever

“Adorable” and “sweet” are two words you’d probably never expect to describe a video of a dog barking incessantly, but this video of a deaf dog’s attempts are just that. Originally posted on TikTok, the video was recently recirculated on the subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog where Redditors immediately fell in love — and it’s not hard to see why.


Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. ? ? #dogsoftiktok #doggo

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The video, posted by Lindsay Kelly under the TikTok handle @lind_saymyname, features her super-cute pet attempting to bark — but while the action looks right, no sound actually comes out of the pooch’s mouth. Kelly captioned the video, “My dog is deaf. She’s seen other dogs do this but doesn’t know she’s supposed to make noise.” Kelly is encouraging to her pet throughout the video, using that gentle tone we all reserve for our dogs — and while we can’t actually see her, we’re sure her facial expressions and body language matched exactly so her deaf dog knew exactly what she meant.

Can deaf dogs bark?

After watching this video, you might be wondering if deaf dogs can bark — and the answer is yes. Several TikTokers reported that they also have deaf dogs at home, and their barks are definitely not silent. Charle Anastasia wrote, “I have a deaf dog. His bark is a high-pitched scream. it sounds like he’s being murdered.”

AlinaMaria added, “I also have a deaf dog. He used to bark in his sleep only, but at about [nine] he figured out how to bark while awake. His barks are still weird.”

According to Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, deaf dogs are just as capable of vocalization as other dogs. It’s true that they may not respond to the same stimuli (a deaf dog, for instance, likely wouldn’t be as bothered by fireworks or thunder the way some other dogs are), but they can certainly bark when they’re startled, scared or (like most dogs) just because.

A Dalmatian howls outdoors

How to tell if a dog is deaf

There are several reasons why a dog might be deaf — just like humans can suffer hearing loss as they age, dogs can as well. Dog deafness can also be the result of an injury, chronic infections, or it could be a condition dogs are born with. This is called congenital deafness and it’s associated with pigmentation (most dogs with congenital deafness have an all-white or mostly white coat).

Breeds that are prone to congenital deafness include:

But if you’re wondering whether or not your pup can hear you, it’s easy enough to test out.

  1. Make sure your dog cannot see you so that you know their response isn’t because of any visual cues.
  2. Grab a squeak toy, a bell, or anything that makes sound — including your voice or your clapping hands — and see if your dog responds.
  3. Repeat a few times at different times to make sure you don’t have a false positive or negative result.

If your dog never indicates any reaction, they’re likely deaf. Of course, a trip to the vet can tell you for sure.

Deaf dogs may require a bit of different training and for you to keep their deafness in mind — they can’t hear when being called or the sound of a loud horn from an oncoming car, so you’ll have to accommodate for that. But luckily, deaf dogs can lead perfectly normal, happy lives.

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