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Dog wakes up entire ‘family’ in true Call of the Wild style

Let us set the scene: it’s a peaceful morning and the house is perfectly quiet and calm. You’re sitting on the couch, totally bored, but your mom says you have to wait patiently for your siblings to wake up. Yep, we’ve been there. The struggle is real.

And this amazing canine just couldn’t resist the temptation to stir up his entire household. Despite pleas from his pet parent, Bow the wolf-dog just couldn’t seem to use his ‘inside howl’. We’re here for it though: this doggie serenade is on the next level.


An oldie but a goodie that shows Bow’s personality perfectly ?? #wolfdog #wolfdogsoftiktok #howl #fypシ

♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

When Bow’s pet parent says ‘Don’t do it…you’re going to wake everybody up’, we at first assume she’s referring to the human members of the household. Then we pan out, and nope! Bow is stirring up his fellow canine companions instead (or is it both?). And they are here for it! We love how Bow truly tries to be a good dog and keep his howl at whisper volume just like his mama asks, but then just gives in to that animal instinct and lets it rip. As the other pups enthusiastically join the fray, it’s a full-on doggy karaoke scene. There’s even a guitar leaning against the wall in the background!

Bow’s fans on TikTok are on-point in the comments, one commenter dubbing Bow’s performance as a ‘howl-elujah chorus’ and another noting that they weren’t expecting a full-fledged choir. It is indeed quite the plot twist! You can follow more of Bow’s antics at @angelarmcg, or by following #wolfdogsoftiktok. Just be prepared to lose half a day down the rabbit hole of adorable dog choruses!

Bow’s behavior is hilarious, but it’s also pretty normal. Ever wonder why dogs howl? Despite Bow’s incriminating video, it’s not just to get attention. As we can see from Bow, howling is a form of communication. And it’s contagious. According to the American Kennel Club howling is a primal reaction (so we have to give Bow a break here). As dogs howl, the sound signals to other nearby canines that something deserves their attention, too. Ever find yourself watching TV and getting to a scene with dogs or wolves howling in the distance? I bet your dog joined in from the comfort of the living room!

A Malamute howling while playing in the snow.

In many cases, dogs howl in response to a noise, such as a siren or a car horn. We’ve even known dogs to howl in response to one of those annoying car alarms that just won’t stop. Luckily, this is normal behavior and when the external noise stops, so does your dog’s call of the wild.

Another reason for canine howling can be separation anxiety, which clearly isn’t Bow’s problem, as he has his mama and his entire pack with him in the living room on this particular early morning. But separation anxiety in dogs is a real thing, and allowing your canine companion to express his angst is one outlet that can be soothing. If it happens to you, however, you’ll just have to hope it doesn’t wake the neighbors!

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