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Amy Hagstrom

Amy Hagstrom

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Amy Hagstrom is an editor for PawTracks and parenting site NewFolks and a freelance writer with bios in USA Today, US News, and HuffPost. Find Amy at @amyhagstromwrites on Instagram.

A couple walks a small beige dog in the park.

This is what happens when your dog takes control of your Tinder account

Should you shamelessly use your pup to swipe right? You decide.
An English Bulldog sits in the grass in the sunshine

This skateboarding dog is unbelievable — but is this pup actually in danger?

We are obsessed with watching Chowder the skateboarding bulldog show off his talents! But how to keep him safe?
A brown tabby and a tuxedo cat climb wall-mounted cat furniture.

Riveting ‘Mission Impossible’ TikTok cat performs action movie-worthy stunt

Riveting 'Mission Impossible' TikTok cat performs stunt from every action movie ever: and we are here for it!
Girl pets her guinea pig in the grass

Guinea pig makes a daring leap in viral video, and now we’ve seen everything

We dare you not to be amazed by this talented guinea pig, who catches a ride with its owner on a busy city street.
pig in pen

Viral video shows what happens when curious bear tussles with territorial pigs

Watch what happens when a large bear leaps into a pig pen in rural Connecticut.
A Malamute howling while playing in the snow.

Dog wakes up entire ‘family’ in true Call of the Wild style

Check out this adorable video of a wolf dog unable to resist waking up his entire doggy family.