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Video: This clever dog figured out how to climb on the roof of a house

This golden retriever is not to be stopped in his quest to join his pet parent

Dogs are known for being many things: excellent guards, good hunters, and amazing companions. But they aren’t generally regarded as the best climbers — after all, who hasn’t seen their pup fall over just trying to make it up to the couch after a big breakfast? This golden completely changes that notion. In a funny dog video posted by lyt52880l78, you’ll get to see not only a dog on the roof but also how he got there.

It starts with a man explaining that he went up to the roof to take down his lights, turned around and there was Ace, the golden retriever. Ace’s owner quickly figures out that the pooch climbed the entire ladder by himself, without any prompting. He certainly wanted to give his dad a hand with the chores!

The text implores us to “wait for it” since we immediately get the behind-the-scenes footage caught by an outdoor camera. We witness Ace and his companion (also a golden) standing at the bottom of the ladder in their yard. Ace walks right to it and begins to go up, while the other pup watches and wags his tail. It’s a bit slow going (not to mention precarious) but the daring dog eventually makes it and gives a little woof to let his dad know he has joined. It closes with the shadow of Ace running up to his owner, happy to be reunited.

SFreud kicked off the comments commending the videos creator, “10/10 for providing us with the evidence of how he did it” while user7830167640751 explained Ace’s motivation, “Golden retrievers can never leave you alone or give you a minute of time. They need to know what’s up, always.” Many praised the determined little guy, including Les Bright who said, “And he looks very happy with himself!!! lol.” He certainly earned these kudos by being both clever and brave.

However, the majority of posters focused on the other beastie, including Kirsten who commented, “The other dog is like ‘Da fluff???’” and thals1313, who guessed, “His friend double dog dared him.” Finally, arctichound99 asked, “How did he get down, or is he still up there?” We agree with Marnie1991xsx who requested a follow-up: “Can we see the video of Ace being carried down ?”

A black lab barking from the peak of the roof of his owners house
Image used with permission by copyright holder

While it certainly looks adorable in the video, as one commenter pointed out, ladders can be dangerous for dogs. They might make it part way up and then lose their footing and fall to the ground. Like anything else, you can teach your animals ladder safety, meaning correcting them any time they go near it. But another option is to just put the buds somewhere else whenever you break out the ladder for the hard-to-reach chores.

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