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This dog tried to upstage his human’s photoshoot and absolutely won

Since Instagram appeared on the scene, it’s practically taken over our lives. From kids to food — and of course our pets — we feel the need to document the highlight reel of our lives and there are plenty of moments we create just for “the Gram.” And when one woman decided it was time to stage an impromptu photoshoot while out playing in the snow, a dog (presumably hers) took matters into its own hands and proceeded to show her what a proper picture sesh looks like.

A short video of the pooch striking a pose was posted to Reddit with the caption, “Showing her how it’s done.” We dare you to look at this clip and not get a laugh or two.

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Showing her how it’s done from AnimalsBeingDerps

LOL! The look on his sweet face! (Pure contentment.) What a little ham! This cool dude knows what’s up when it comes to upstaging his human’s photographic antics. Granted, some dogs simply love the snow, so there’s a chance that this pup could’ve just been enjoying a nice roll around in the white stuff. Some dogs adore it so much that they’ll even stand outside while their owners shovel and put themselves in the path of the throws of snow, in the hopes that it lands right on them! We’re looking right at you, huskies and malamutes.

However, the way this guy is just lying there, totally still, and appears to be in a similar position to the woman in the background leads us to believe that he was, in fact, imitating the whole scene. And if he was? All we can say is that this was a totally epic moment, and if we had to judge who looked better posing, our vote goes to the pooch, hands down. (Although, we’re sure her photo came out pretty well too. Who doesn’t love a good snow day pic?)

Of course, Reddit wouldn’t be Reddit without some colorful commenters, and two users, in particular, came up with another theory for what was actually happening in this video.

Someone called username987654321a bluntly said, “Just giving his junk some brisk air.” And CrowLover9415 agreed, saying, “How to cool your junk?”

Another commenter, thatonen3rdity, figured the behavior was likely just an innate reflex, noting, “A classic Pyrenees position!” Hmm. Very true. His behavior very well could be a breed thing.

But whatever the case may be, it’s hard to deny that this is one cute pup, and he certainly was enjoying himself while out on his snowy excursion. Hopefully, his humans took him home afterward and rewarded him for being such a good boy by giving him treats and a nice, warm blanket to curl up in. He deserves it, that’s for sure!

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