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5 eGift cards to make last-minute shopping a breeze

If you are a last-minute shopper, the panic is starting to set in real hard right about now. You are debating about spending as much on shipping as on the present itself. You are wondering if this year it could be OK if presents are late. Nothing else about this year went right anyway.

Or you could send an eGift card. That way, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, tracking the package, whether it’s going to be delayed and won’t get there until after the holiday, or any of those other stressy things. You can put your feet up, have your drink at the ready, and scroll through your phone like you were going to do anyway, only this time, you’ll get your shopping done. Let’s go over five sites where sending an eGift card will take away the worry.

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Sending an eGift card from will allow your pet-owning friend to get whatever they want for their pup. has everything from medication to food to crates to toys.

Buy eGift cards here

Whether it’s a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food or an adorable bone-shaped toy box to keep their dog’s stuff in one spot, they will be sure to find something they like. You can get an eGift card for a certain amount, or if there is a specific toy or crate they wanted, you can send them one for that exact amount and they can get it that way. It would allow your friend to pick out the color or shape they wanted and not have to worry about exchanges or returns.

Jamie Street/Unsplash

We all know and love Petco. If you have pets, you’ve been in one countless times. So, sending an eGift card for them is a great idea. Petco made it real easy to do, and there are multiple ways for the person to get their gift card.

You can purchase an eGift card, send one straight to their email, or print it out. If your friend or family member just likes to have a physical copy to bring to the store, then this will be reassuring.

They can use the card online, or if they want to see the item, they can go to their nearest store and have their phone scanned to use the card. Supereasy and hassle-free, and the amount of options makes this a smart choice.

This site is for those looking for something other than the regular basic items. You can find a dog bed and dog treats as well as some doggy stuff you weren’t expecting.

Buy Sit Stay Gift Cards here

But if your friends have a service animal, for example, a Sit Stay gift card will be especially welcome. From vests to ID cards, service puppy pals can get their gear here.

As the name hints, is great for food, treats, and supplements for dogs. If your friend has an older dog, or a dog with a special diet, then this is an apt place to get them an eGift card.

Buy Hungry Bark eGift cards here

A Hungry Bark card is a smart move because every pet owner has to buy their dog food. It won’t go to waste and will definitely be appreciated.

a yellow lab paws a red Christmas present in front of more Christmas presents

This site has everything. We mean everything. For so many different kinds of pets. If your dog-loving friend has other pets or likes to get a little bit of everything and loves options, then you might want to go with a gift card to this one.

Buy EntirelyPets Gift Cards here

Their gift cards don’t expire, and you can use them on anything on their site. Seems easy enough.

Shopping for someone else isn’t always easy. Shopping for someone else’s pet can be even harder. You don’t know what kind of color scheme or setup they have for their pet. You don’t know whether they like everything personalized.

Bonus option: Chewy

We couldn’t let you go without mentioning You’ve seen the commercials countless times and have had Insta send you a targeted ad every single day this week.

Chewy is another great option if you are giving an eGift card to someone who has other types of pets. Their website is set up to search by pet or by brand, so it’s a snap to navigate. Since Chewy sends straight to your door, this is a perfect pick for someone who doesn’t like to leave the house, or maybe can’t lift all that dog food themselves.

Buy Chewy Gift Cards here

Getting an eGift card can seem like a last-minute effort, and it just might be, but it also allows your recipients to get exactly what they want for their pup. We all hate returning and exchanging and standing in lines. So, get an eGift card to erase your anxiety at having to pick out a gift and to spare your friends the need to exchange it. It’s a win for both of you.

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