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The best gifts for pets and owners this Christmas

Pets are often left out of holiday festivities, but not anymore! When you’re shopping for a pet parent this Christmas, don’t forget to think about their fur baby, too. They’ll be sure to thank you for it (both the human and the animal!). No matter how small or big the pet, the joy will be endless when they’re included in your holiday celebrations this year. Here are a few ideas to help get you started on your shopping.

For the pup parent in your life

PajamaGram sells cozy pajamas in a nearly endless amount of designs, even for dogs. You can pick from one of five sizes, from extra-small to extra-large, so every pup can be included. Aside from being warm and cozy, these doggy jammies are oh-so-cute! Your Christmas card will be the talk of your whole town when everyone in the family dons their matching pj’s.

For extra-furry pets

All animal lovers understand the struggle of shedding, whether it’s constant or a few times a year. Dogs, horses, and cats aren’t the only pets that shed their coats, but you can buy a special brush just for them. The SleekEZ Deshedding Grooming Tool is designed to painlessly remove loose fur from the undercoat of your pet, with little work from you. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate your pet, who’s sure to love the special attention they’ll get during brushing sessions.

For equine experts

Owning — or even just riding — a horse requires a lot of space, but saddle racks such as the StoreYourBoard Horse Saddle Storage Rack will help keep any stable organized and clean. The wall-mounted metal rack holds up to 200 pounds of saddles, both English and Western.

For the caffeine-loving pet parent

You can gift them their new favorite mug this Christmas with Chewy’s Frisco Personalized Plaid 11-oz Coffee Mug. With just a few clicks, you can upload a picture of their pet, personalize the mug to your liking, and have your holiday shopping done! After browsing products this cute, you might even want one for yourself….

For a cool cat

Kitty grass is supereffective in helping cats get the vitamins and nutrients that aren’t always present in normal cat food. Luckily, it’s fun for kitties, too! Now their humans can get in on the fun with this adorable Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit — you can enjoy watching your new plant grow, and the cat-themed planter makes the perfect accessory for any home.

For anyone with a hamster BFF

The Kaytee CritterTrail 2-level habitat is the perfect interactive hamster cage for your little furry friend. You can watch your hamster play and run in a multitude of tubes and wheels, and the petting zone allows you to safely interact with your pet. Your hamster will never get bored when you can mix and match CritterTrail accessories to customize her space to her liking. It’s a hamster wonderland!

For feisty feathered friends

Covering your bird’s cage can drown out extra sound or light to help your buddy stay calm (and quiet!) for the night. Durable nylon makes this cover the ideal product for keeping their squawking under control and keeping the area around their cage clean. Your bird-owning friend will be so grateful to see a Perfitel Universal Bird Cage Cover under their tree this year.

For stay-at-home pups

Pup parents who can’t always be at home with their fur babies will love the Furbo Dog Camera, a Wi-Fi–connected system that lets you check in on your dog throughout the day. You can monitor your pup with the camera, listen in on their environment with the microphone, and talk to your pet through the Furbo app. This camera even tosses treats! It has many more high-tech features, which you can check out on Furbo’s website.

Now that pets have become such a special part of the family, it’s easier than ever to find a gift that will keep tails wagging and owners smiling. Happy shopping!

Gabrielle LaFrank
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You can wear your dog all the way out with this automatic ball tosser
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Luckily, Chewy is here with fun and easy solutions. They have a selection of ball-launching toys that your pup will love, but these two automatic ball tossers are truly luxurious. You can lounge in style while Fido runs himself silly — it's a win-win! iDogMate's Smart Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Toy has everything you need to keep your dog occupied both physically and mentally. You can select settings to launch balls 10, 20, 30, or 35 feet in the air, or you can pick the random setting and watch your pup try to figure out where the next ball will go. With its "anti-stuck motor," even slobbery balls will launch across your home or the closest field with ease —  just be careful not to get in their way. You'll get up to 250 launches every time you charge the machine, so you've got time to grab a cup of coffee (and a treat for after playtime) and relax for a while.

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If one good thing has come out of 2020, it’s the love for our pets. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you get to spend a lot more time with your four-legged co-workers than those who are working essential jobs. Still, this doesn’t mean you can keep an eye on your fur baby at all times. A pet camera can take away the stress of constant babysitting; you don’t need to worry about the unknowns while you're out and about pet-free. Whatever your needs and budget, you’re bound to find a pet camera that’s perfect for your home. These are three of the best pet cameras to keep you connected with your fuzzy, feathery, or scaly friend.
Chewy has a selection of pet cameras to fit nearly anyone’s style and budget, including the Wyze V2 Pet Camera. This motion-activated, Wi-Fi–connected camera is reachable from any mobile phone, so you can look out for your pet anywhere, anytime. It even has a night vision feature that won’t wake up your pet if you have to sneak a peek. Each time the motion detector senses a movement or sound, it will record a video that will be stored for free for up to 14 days in the cloud — perfect for pet parents on the go.

If you can’t get to your phone to check on your pet, maybe someone else can. This camera allows multiple people to connect, which means someone in the family can always log in and say hi — literally! The Wyze V2 Pet Camera also has a built-in two-way audio program, so you can talk to your pet at a moment’s notice.

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Trust us: You need an automatic pet feeder
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Mealtime is a big deal for pet parents, but there are some tools and tricks to help make it an easy routine. Whether you struggle with an overeating pet, sticking to a schedule, or pets who steal each other's food, an automatic pet feeder can solve the problem for you. This can be an especially helpful tool for owners who are busy working, whether from the office or at home. There are a number of feeders online and in pet stores, but these are some of our favorites. They each have different features to suit different lifestyles, so there's bound to be an option suitable for you and your pet. Take a look!

If you're trying to control the portions and timing of your pet's meals, the Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder will do just the trick. The machine holds up to 16 cups of kibble, so you won't have to worry about missed mealtimes throughout the day. You can adjust the feeding schedule for up to four meals a day at whichever times you choose. In just a few clicks, you can tell the feeder to dispense anywhere between one and 10 portions of dry food per meal, which is convenient for multiple pets who eat the same food — or for big eaters. We don't judge! It also prevents overeating by dispensing only your designated amount and locking in the rest with a magnetic lid. If you like, you can even record a meal call for your dog or cat so they'll know when it's time to eat!

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