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Video: Husky wants a dog treat (and just won’t be deterred)

Watch this husky throw a tantrum after he can't get a treat from the closed pet store

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thrown a tantrum after not getting our favorite snack. While in humans this becomes unflattering once we reach a certain age, in dogs it never ceases to be a little funny, no matter how frustrated we might feel in the moment. In fact, we can’t help but laugh out loud when a pup increasingly gets himself into a fit, over a seemingly small matter. Enter Archer the Husky. While we might sometimes think that little dogs should be more inclined to pout when they don’t get their way, huskies are known for being big drama queens, and these two could win the best acting award in this funny husky video shared by u/trashpix.

Archer and his bestie Leia are finishing up a late-night walk when they happen upon a pet store. He immediately pulls on the leash, wanting to go inside to get a dog treat, despite Dad’s pleading that they just go home. Archer’s pet parent concedes that the store looks open and heads that way with two happily wagging tails, but alas, it’s closed, and they have to go back. This is where the husky dog really kicks it up a notch. He sits on the pavement, refusing to budge, eventually resorting to flopping on the ground while Dog Dad tries to bribe Archer by promising dinner back at the homestead. The pet parent closes the video by noting that huskies bring “No drama” before presumably heading home.

Commenters adored Archer’s antics with u/AlabasterNutSack mentioning, “That is what we in the business call an Alaskan flat tire.” Another poster, u/PhotoKada, proclaims, “That petulant flop towards the end. I can’t!!!” And u/FuzzyFerretFace responded, “‘It’s simple human. No treat? No go.’” Finally, u/Consistent-River4229 completes the exchange by suggesting, “You now need to buy a pet supply store, so you can’t use the ‘it’s closed’ excuse. You work for him! Find him a 24 hour treat store.” He definitely means business when he refuses to get off the ground and get home.

A team of huskies stand in the snow while the leader makes a fuss
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How do you pull your dog out of a tantrum?

Just like a human toddler, your dog will respond to your cues. If the epic belly flop has worked in the past, of course, he’ll continue to use that tool. However, you can also use this to train him out of the vicious cycle. One of the best ways to control your dog on a walk is to bring treats along with you. That might have convinced Archer to turn around and head back. Experts also recommend feeding at the end of a dog walk, so your beastie has something to look forward to. Finally, some Fidos can learn a “settle” command which will encourage them to get their heads back on straight.

While it might have made for a long walk for these pups and their dad, this epic tantrum at least gave all of us something to marvel at. In the end, we hope Archer finally scored his treat back home and that the pet store is open for him next time. Happy hunting, Archer.

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