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How to find a meetup group for your Italian greyhound

Nearly every dog can benefit from some socialization and playtime with other pups, especially Italian greyhounds and those who like to run. They’ll learn how to play nice and when to back off from other pups, and you’ll learn more about the breed and the folks who love to love them.

Iggy dogs are popular hounds both in the U.S. and worldwide, but it may be harder than you thought to find other greyhounds for your dog to hang out with. Trips to the dog park are sure to result in friends, but getting to know their own breed can give your pup some extra confidence and companionship — but how can you get started?

This helpful site is exactly what it sounds like: a place where you can find or create meetup groups for nearly anything. Of course, Italian greyhounds are no exception— there are so many passionate Iggy owners and advocates who want to connect with other pet aficionados, so what are you waiting for?

To use Meetup, simply enter “Italian greyhound” in the keyword search bar and add your location when prompted. There are events and groups to browse through, so you can find whatever suits your needs. This site even lets you view the number of members in each group, so you can know ahead of time what you’re signing up for.

Once on a group’s page, you can view their information, events, members, photos, discussion forums, message boards, and even polls. With so many features, it’s easy to get to know a group before committing to a meetup. It’s important to be safe, after all!

Check out the Italian greyhound topics page on Meetup to get started.

an italian greyhound jumps while running through tall grass

Facebook groups

Whether or not a group is on Meetup, they’re likely to have at least a minimal Facebook presence. Facebook has been a popular social networking site for over a decade (can you believe it’s been live since 2004?), so it’s chock-full of folks who share common interests just waiting to be connected.

That’s where Facebook’s Groups feature comes in. With a quick search, you can pull up dozens of Italian greyhound groups just waiting for you to join. Some are groups of people who share pictures and questions with other Iggy owners, while others are at least somewhat dedicated to scheduling meetups. Some of the largest groups include Italian Greyhound Owners, Italian Greyhounds (for Iggy owners and lovers alike), and Greyhound Puppies.

You can also search through Facebook Events to find meetups to attend. Events can be listed publicly, though, so you never know who might show up. Do keep this in mind when agreeing to a meetup; public spaces like dog parks are always a safe place to meet, and your pup will love the experience of meeting new friends.

American Kennel Club event search

If you ever find yourself browsing the American Kennel Club website, you may have noticed a small button titled “event search” at the very top of the page. A click on this button will bring you to a webpage with a U.S. map and several search bars to help you find the perfect group for you.

You can search by location, breed, date range (for events and meetups), or even judges’ numbers (for competition-based events). These events are mostly athletic competitions and other official events, so this may not be the best resource if you’re just looking for an Iggy buddy for your pup. If you’re searching for somewhere to train or compete, however, you’re in the right place!

an italian greyhound lies on a bed with their nose toward the camera
sergio souza/Pexels

Your local pet store

One overlooked resource is hiding in plain sight, somewhere you’ll probably find yourself anyway: the pet store. While you’re out shopping for your dog’s next favorite toy, take a glance at the community board to see what groups and events might be out there. When you take advantage of this method, you know you’re finding meetups in your area, too — with any luck, close to home!

Alternatively, you might have better luck leaving your own request on the message board. You don’t have to go as far as to start your own group, but you can easily leave a Facebook URL or other contact info to help gather other Iggies for your own to play with.

In the end, it’s important to go with your gut and keep yourself and your pup safe when dealing with strangers. In general, dogs know good people when they meet them, but you never know! With the right precautions, though, you could meet your pup’s new best friend — or even your own. Have fun with your new buddies!

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