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6 super Marvel-themed finds for your dog

He may not be able to spin a Spidey web, but he’s got your heart all wrapped up with more tensile strength than Spider-Man’s web. His agility, strength, and endurance would make him a natural to be Captain America’s sidekick (if he had one). And, even though you keep his nails trimmed to an acceptable length, his animal-keen senses would amaze even Wolverine himself.

We’re talking about your dog, of course — the furry superhero in your life with whom you have amazing adventures. And if you’re team Marvel, there’s no reason your dog shouldn’t be, too. No matter which superhero you prefer, we’ve got the intel on the dog gear your pet needs.

Buckle-Down Polyester Dog Collar

Secret identities aside, reveal your dog for the superhero he is in your life with this polyester collar featuring Marvel characters. The 1-inch-wide collar comes in small, medium, and large sizes and buckles on like a seat belt for a secure fit. Use the handy measuring guide on the Chewy site to determine the best fit for your dog.

Buckle-Down Standard Dog Leash

If you’re going to reveal your pup’s secret identity with a superhero dog collar, you might as well go all in and get the leash, too. This one is 4 feet long and 1 inch wide and made from durable polyester to last a long time. Premium printing means the colors and images of your favorite Marvel characters will look like a walking comic strip for years to come.


When his superhero cape is at the cleaners, you’ll want to have this T-shirt on hand as a backup. Displaying the Marvel logo, this polyester/cotton sleeveless T-shirt is easy to get on and off. And available in sizes from extra small to double extra-large, it’s perfect for dogs of all sizes. Make sure you consult the size chart to pick the right fit for your pet. The shirt also is washer and dryer safe, so your super pet can always look his best when the call for help comes in.

The Hulk Round Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Who says the Hulk is indestructible? With this fun squeaky plush toy, your dog can play supervillain and playfully punish the Hulk during wild romps through the household. The squeaker and crinkle paper inside the soft, plush covering makes for an exciting battle every time. But beware: While this toy is designed for small, medium, or large dogs, it isn’t meant for heavy chewers.

Groot Plush with Rope Squeaky Dog Toy

What dog doesn’t like a good stick to chew on? With this Groot plush squeaky toy, pet owners and their super-pups get the best of both worlds: a plush toy with two squeakers for fun-tastic chewing and cotton rope legs when you’d rather play a game of tug. As always, supervise your dog during play. The corduroy cover makes for a durable, toy but it’s not recommended for heavy chewers.

Walking Captain America Costume

This step-in costume is designed to make your pup look like he’s a walking mini Captain America! With its arms, shield, and headpiece, your superhero dog is sure to turn heads (and maybe elicit some playful pleas for help) when he wears this costume on your walk around the block. Plus, there will be no messing with your kids at Halloween when Cap accompanies them on their trick-or-treat rounds through the neighborhood. The polyester costume is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Consult the size chart to make sure you get the right fit.

We can’t explain how dogs become superheroes. Only pet parents understand their superpowers and how to activate them. What we can tell you is, dogs are a Marvel-ous part of our lives and they deserve to be celebrated for each dynamic aspect of their unique personalities.

So, whether you fill their toy boxes with superhero plushies, choose to outfit them in an appropriate character costume, or subtly show your fandom with themed collars and leashes, we applaud you. Like the Marvel superheroes we love, our dogs are with us in our darkest moments and inspire us to be better people. We’re sure Stan Lee would agree — pet parents are among the luckiest in the world because we have such loyal furry friends.

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