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These are 12 of the cutest dog breeds ever

This is tough one to answer, but we'll give you several options

A white shih tzu sits on a porch and looks at the camera
rachhoxmeier / Pixabay

When you’re a true dog lover, every pup you pass is the cutest one you’ve seen all day. Whether it’s a lazy bulldog snoozing in a stroller or an athletic Greyhound galloping in the park, nothing beats watching a dog doing what they love. After all, the cutest dogs are the happiest dogs!

But when it comes to selecting cute dog breeds, decisions can be much trickier. No two are the same, and every breed has its own special qualities that make owners fall in love. If you think your dog is the cutest pup you’ve ever seen, you’re certainly not alone. But do you know the best part? Everyone who thinks their dog is the cutest is completely right!

In our humble opinion, these are the 12 cutest dog breeds you will ever see. Are your favorite dogs on the list?

Poodle mixes

A cockapoo dog runs through a grassy field
Joe Caione / Unsplash

With doodle dogs still rising in popularity, it’s easy to see why poodle mixes are so beloved. They look and act like giant teddy bears! These loyal and loving dogs are known for their curly coats and friendly personalities, though each poodle mix breed has its own traits to appreciate, too.

Instead of searching for doodle breeders, check local rescues and shelters for your dream dog. They find their ways to rescue more often than you’d think.


Pumi Hungarian herding breed
Sue Thatcher / Shutterstock

The Pumi may not be the most popular dog breed, but its distinctive happy face and upright ears make it a crowd favorite wherever these dogs go. They’re small hunting dogs from Hungary that aim to please and bond with their owners. Your pumi will be enthusiastic about spending time with you, whether they’re running by your side or curled up on your lap while you brush their curly coat.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

A Cavalier King Charles spaniel begs for food at the table.
Fotyma / Shutterstock

This sweet and small dog is the perfect compromise for a dog owner who wants both a toy dog and a small-sized athlete. These little British aristocrats are known for being easygoing, adaptable, and gentle, but they’ll also be glad to run and chase small animals when you let them. They best enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle with both activity and leisure, but nothing is cuter than a Cavalier curled up on your lap.

Shih tzu

A shih tzu dog with her fur in two pig tails lies in the grass
chaoss / Adobe Stock

Shih tzus became popular among dog owners for good reasons. Their small size makes it easy to carry them wherever you go, and their long fur coat is simply irresistible. These sweet “lion dogs” are lap dogs through and through, and they’ll melt your heart when they look up at you with those big brown eyes.

Pembroke Welsh corgi and Cardigan Welsh corgi

A Corgi lies in the grass
Csilla Ozsvath / Pixabay

Although Pembroke Welsh corgis and Cardigan Welsh corgis are two different dog breeds, their adorable natures (and faces) often cause them to be confused for one another. In reality, Cardigan Welsh corgis are a bit larger, and they also have larger ears with more rounded tips. Cardigans also come in a wider variety of coat colors and patterns, though the cutest corgi is one that’s just happy to be there.


A Newfoundland dog sits in a field of yellow flowers
Pandas / Shutterstock

There are lots of small dogs on the list of cutest dog breeds, but it’s time that the big dogs get some love, too. The Newfoundland is a big, gentle giant with so much love to give, but its massive size makes the breed an excellent candidate for service dog work, too. Some Newfoundlands can provide mobility support and deep-pressure therapy, but others are perfectly content being family pets and caretakers.

West Highland white terrier

A West Highland White Terrier sits outside in the sun
Celine Granetin / Unsplash

The West Highland white terrier, or “Westie,” is a small white dog that was bred to hunt vermin in the Scottish Highlands. This adorable breed is more popular as pets today, but Westies retain all of their tenacious spirit and iconic cuteness. These fluffy dogs are often perfectly coiffed, especially around the head, which only adds to their layers of allure.

Golden retriever

Happy golden retriever outside on the lawn wagging his tail
Aaron Pletta / Shutterstock

The Golden retriever has remained in the top five most popular dogs list since the American Kennel Club began recording dog breed popularity. And it’s easy to tell why. These are adaptable, family-oriented dogs, and they are as sweet as can be. What else could you ask for in the perfect dog?

Old English sheepdog

An Old English Sheepdog mid-run
Bobtail / Adobe Stock

The Old English sheepdog is another large dog with more fur than muscle. Even so, these giants can be effective herders and farmhands, so don’t get too worried about grooming unless you’re registered in a dog show. As long as your sheepdog can see, their hair won’t slow down one bit.


Two Pekingese dogs sit in the grass
No-longer-here / Pixabay

Pekingese dogs are the ultimate lowriders — even more so than dachshunds. That’s because this dog breed is especially long and short, making little tasks like taking the stairs so much more difficult. Fortunately, Pekingese dogs don’t weigh very much and will be glad to be picked up when a walk on our outing becomes too much to handle. After all, it must be hot beneath layers and layers of fur.

Alaskan Klee Kai

Alaskan Klee Kai
AFS / Shutterstock

If you like the look of Siberian huskies and Alaskan Malamute — two of the most famous sled dog breeds — you’ll love the Alaskan Klee Kai. This medium-sized dog breed has the face and features of a husky or malamute but without as much size, shedding, or sass. But be warned — these dogs will talk back!

Staffordshire terrier

A white and beige pit bull stands in the desert
Aleksey Boyko / Shutterstock

Although pit bulls have gotten a bad rap over the last few decades, the truth is that they are just as loving and gentle as any other dog; it’s all about how they’re raised! Staffordshire terriers have the sweetest wide-set smiles, and after a few minutes together, you’ll see that the sweetness goes all the way through. Staffies can even be friendly with kids when properly introduced and supervised; they just need a fair chance. And we think they belong on this list of the cutest dog breeds ever.

Where do these breeds fall in your own list of the most adorable dogs? There are over 200 dog breeds to choose from, not counting mixed-breed dogs and the good ol’ mutts, so odds are your list is vastly different than ours. But that’s the beauty of our canine friends — they’re all so diverse and different, and there truly is a dog for everyone out there.

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