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This new collar is like an Apple Watch for your dog and we love it

Our dogs deserve nothing less than the best, that’s for sure. Whether it comes to veterinarian-approved kibble, the comfiest beds on the market, or a collar that goes above and beyond, some products shine even brighter than the rest.

If you’re like many other starry-eyed pet parents who love the latest gadgets for your fur baby, you’ll want to know about this smart, dog tracking collar from Invoxia. Not only does it provide the basic safety features of any high-quality collar, but it allows you to keep your pet’s location, heart rate, and other health information right at your fingertips. Here’s what you’ll want to know:

Smart Collar location tracking

Invoxia, a health tech company that already takes advantage of GPS and Artificial Intelligence in many of its products, has recently announced its first pet product: a Smart Dog Collar. It has many of the same features as any collar, including adjustable length, sturdy fasteners, and a metal D ring to clip leashes to. Its most advanced feature allows owners to view their dog’s location at any time through the Smart Collar’s app, which will require an additional $12.99 subscription every month.

You’ll have 24/7 access to your fur baby’s location thanks to a combination of Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and LTE technology. The Smart Collar even contains an app-activated buzzer for when your pup is nearby but not visible. How helpful!

The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar with examples of app pages
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Smart Collar health features

Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar differs from others in its health features, which include heart rate, respiratory rate, and detailed activity statistics. From the app, which syncs health readings and activity data in real-time, you can access any of these stats—it’s that easy!

The activities and movements the Smart Collar can track include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Barking
  • Resting
  • Scratching

Not only does this data help you see what your pup is up to, but it can help you (or your vet) track any changes that could be related to canine health. Suddenly scratching a ton? It might be time to switch up your dog’s flea medication. Excessive barking while you’re not around? Separation anxiety might be worth looking into. Of course, your veterinarian is your best resource when it comes to caring for your pet, so this data is meant to be considered in addition to, not instead of, your vet’s advice.

The Smart Dog Collar uses a mixture of Artificial Intelligence and radar sensors (just like you’d find on a Fitbit or Apple Watch for people) to track your dog’s heart and respiratory rate. The technology is not only helpful but also completely safe for your beloved pet. Also, like popular smartwatches, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar keeps all health data stored in one place—the app. You can view stats by day, week, or month, which will give you a great overall idea of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Although Invoxia recently announced this new product, eager pet parents won’t have to wait long to give it a try. This dog tracking collar will be launching this summer at the price of $99—though be sure to remember that $12.99 monthly subscription you’ll need to purchase in addition.

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