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Your pet deserves the best: Try Spot & Tango’s fresh, human-grade food and save

Spot & Tango Fresh dog food options product types.
Spot & Tango

Your pets are family, and they deserve the best. So, why are you feeding them dog food that lacks essential nutrients? Worse yet, most foods include artificial additives or preservatives, not unlike human food, that’s not healthy for your furry companion. Isn’t it about time you gave them something better? Spot & Tango wants to help you do that with its Fresh line of recipes cooked to order and delivered frozen. It’s also an excellent option for picky eaters, including senior dogs, and fresh plans start at a reasonable $15 per week.

If you’re looking for a more budget-oriented option, or you and Fido prefer dry dog food, Spot & Tango’s UnKibble line features plans that start at just $7 per week. It provides all the functional benefits of fresh food with the convenience of dry dog food. Both options provide 100% human-grade, whole dog foods, with quality and care as a top priority. There are no powdered “meat meals,” no artificial additives, no preservatives, and no soy, gluten, wheat, antibiotics, or GMOs.

It sounds fantastic, right? Let’s dig our paws in and closely examine each option.

The Spot & Tango Fresh line

Dog holding Spot & Tango's Fresh food line
Spot & Tango

You’ve heard of meal kits before. The Fresh line is the same, except for dogs. Before meals are selected, Spot & Tango personalizes every plan to your dog’s unique profile. Factoring in age, weight, breed, activity level, and dietary needs, the fresh meals are made-to-order to serve your best friend’s vital needs. All fresh meals come in pre-portioned packs, chosen and formulated by an award-winning team of veterinary nutritionists.

All recipes contain 100% fresh, whole ingredients, with meals like turkey and red quinoa, beef and millet, or lamb and brown rice. They’re cooked in small batches in a USDA kitchen, which helps to maximize nutritional integrity – your companion is always getting the best of the best from Spot & Tango.

To help you choose a dietary plan, you’ll take a brief quiz, sharing some information about you and your pet – nothing too personal – and then you’ll get customized recommendations ideal for your little family.

The Spot & Tango UnKibbles line

Pup eating Spot & Tango UnKibble food
Spot & Tango

Do you prefer dry food? No problem. It’s more convenient and a great way to feed your best friend, and you don’t have to sacrifice any of the benefits of fresh food and ingredients. That’s because UnKibble is explicitly designed to be human-grade, 100% whole food quality. Although they include radically simple recipes, these are real ingredients, and they’re absolutely delicious.

Like the Fresh recipes, UnKibble features personalized plans tailored to your dog’s traits. The food even comes with a personalized scoop just for your pup. You’ll know exactly how much to feed them per serving each time.

To quickly compare, regular kibble foods don’t feature feed-grade ingredients but include powdered meat meals, fillers, and additives. They are extruded at high temperatures, killing off any helpful nutrients. UnKibble is gently dried at a low temperature, preserving the nutrients. It only includes fresh, whole ingredients and real meats and has no artificial additives, colors, or flavoring.

Direct to you: The ultimate convenience

Of course, the best part about both plans is that the food is delivered right to your doorstep. No more fussing or straining with big bags of dog food in the store. It comes right to you, ready to eat, and your dog will love it.

Why not head to Spot & Tango and take the 3-minute quiz to get your personalized plan(s)? You’ll also be given a special trial offer, which includes 55% off your first order when you use code PAWTRACK55 at checkout.

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