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Briley Kenney

Briley Kenney

Senior SEO Copywriter

Briley has been writing about consumer electronics and technology for over a decade. When he's not writing about deals for Digital Trends or The Manual, he's writing how-to content and guides for other online publications. He's also a ghostwriter for more than one confidential SEO marketing agency. In his downtime, he's either spending time with his family, playing games, or enjoying a good ol' stogie.

Send all editorial inquiries HERE.

Dog holding Spot & Tango's Fresh food line

Your pet deserves the best: Try Spot & Tango’s fresh, human-grade food and save

Looking for the best and freshest dog food for your furry companion? Spot & Tango's Fresh line of pet meal delivery and human-grade food is just what you need.
PETLIBRO Granary automatic cat feeder with cat nearby

Making the lives of pets and owners better: This smart cat feeder has a camera

The Granary Camera Feeder is a smart cat feeder from PETLIBRO that allows you to check in on your pets remotely and even interact with them.
PETLIBRO Glacier on the shelf and nice backdrop.

Your pets deserve better: PETLIBRO’s Glacier ultrafiltration fountain can help

The PETLIBRO Glacier pet water fountain uses ultrafiltration to clean and freshen up water for your pets because they deserve a quality beverage too.
Mixbook Bailey's Story example of hardcover photo book

Preserve Fido’s memories: Build a personalized hardcover photo book today

With Mixbook, you can build a fully customized hardcover photo book to commemorate and preserve cherished memories with your loved ones, including your pets.
Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Pro 2 with pet nearby

Pet messes are the worst but these Tineco Prime Day deals make cleaning easy

Pets make messes, but with these Tineco Prime Day deals that will no longer be a problem. You'll find discounts on smart vacuums to thoroughly clean your home.
N8 PRO+ lifestyle image with child nearby

ECOVACS Prime Day deals: Incredible discounts on smart vacuum and mop combos

Thanks to ECOVACS Prime Day deals you can get an awesome price on a host of smart vacuum and mop combos, and more. Learn about it here.
Roborock Dyad Pro wet dry vacuum cleaning and mopping with pet nearby

Prime Deal: Pet messes are ruff, but the Dryad Pro wet and dry vacuum barks back

For Prime Day, Roborock is discounting its popular wet and dry vacuum in a Dyad Pro deal. You don't want to miss this Prime Day sale!
PetMeds pup playing in the grass

Save 35% on your first autoship with PetMeds for a happier, healthier companion

Right now, you have the incredible opportunity to save up to 35% on your first AutoShip with PetMeds. It's convenient, hassle-free, and keeps your pets healthy!
Uahpet iRetriever with dog sitting nearby in living room.

The Uahpet iRetriever Ball Launcher is a safe and smart way for dogs to play

The Uahpet iRetriever is an intelligent auto ball launcher that shoots balls up to 80 feet away, but does so safely thanks to intelligent object detection.
Roborock S7 Plus smart vacuum with auto empty dock diagram showing how it works.

Now is the best time to grab Roborock’s S7+ smart vacuum and auto-empty dock

Roborock's S7+ smart vacuum and auto-empty dock will clean your home, hands-free, for up to 60 days, making it one of the best. It's on sale for Prime Day, too!
Robroock S7+ with child and dog playing peacefully nearby.

With these deals, Roborock is supporting pet owners everywhere

Tired of cleaning up after your pets? Roborock's excellent smart vacuums can do it all for you, and they're on sale for a hefty discount right now!
Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum with family pet cleaning the floor.

Roborock’s Q5+ robot vacuum is a blessing in disguise for pet owners

The more pets you have, the more difficult it is to clean your home and keep it clean, unless you have help from Roborock's Q5+ robot vacuum. Learn more here.
Roborock Q5+ Series robot vacuum with kitty and dirty floor.

Want more time with your best friend? Roborock’s Q5+ smart vacuum cleans for you

Little Fido likes to make big messes that you have to clean up. It's so much easier to clean with Roborock's Q5+ Series robot vacuum, which is on sale now.
Pet supplies and toys at for Valentine's Day.

Find the paw-fect item for your best friend: Shop pet supplies at

Need some new gear for your best friend? has you covered!
Bissell Barkbath 2-in-1 dog bath and cleaner for use anywhere.

This portable dog bath is 20% off for Prime Day, and you need it

Looking for an easy, reliable way to groom and clean your pups? This Bissell Barkbath is an excellent solution, and it's on sale for Prime Day 2022.
French bulldog eating food

Dog Food is Really Cheap at Walmart for Prime Day — Today ONLY

If you're running low on dog food, now is the perfect time to stock up at Walmart because its having a huge sale for Prime Day 2021.