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Video: Husky gets behind the wheel of a car, chaos ensues

What happens when you let a husky in your driver's seat? Chaos ensues

If you think excessive barking is annoying, never let your dog drive your car. This is probably a bad idea anyway — we’re not entirely sure how they can grip the wheel and most dogs can’t even reach the pedals — but if you can get past that, the fact that dogs can’t read road signs or get a driver’s license, just think about what happens when your dog gets hold of that horn.

Or don’t. Just watch this hilarious video of a husky, which shows exactly that. (Spoiler: Husky howling has nothing on this noise.)

First, it has to be said that leaving your dog alone in the car is a bad idea, especially in extreme weather conditions. It’s so easy for dogs to overheat (and worse), and if you come back to angry bystanders and a couple of cops, you really shouldn’t be surprised (and that’s certainly not the worst-case scenario). However, the windows of this car are rolled down enough to allow air in (but not enough for the husky to escape), and we’re going to assume that this dog’s pet parents are the ones filming the encounter and were just doing this for a quick 30-second video.

This particular husky is doing exactly what all of us want to do when we run to the store for a quick errand only for our partner, parent, kid, or friend to waste 15 minutes chatting with someone they see in the parking lot when we’re so close to completing our mission and getting home to watch some more Netflix: They honked on that horn and didn’t let up.

At first, it looks like the husky is just discovering the horn — and clearly enjoying the ruckus they’re creating — but the best part is when the dog looks over at his filming family as if to say, “Yes, this commotion is because of you. Can we go already?”

Who needs husky howling when the car will do that for you?

Redditor WitchBitchBlue noted, “The husky realized the car has a button to sing the song of his people for him.” Dr_Auf added, “And it’s even louder and more annoying.”

Redditor DefinitelyNotAliens reported that this isn’t a singular phenomenon. “My brother’s husky mix was in the car with my dog. I went into a store for under two minutes. I roll windows way down (if a dog was having an emergency you could reach in, but I’m assuming nobody will break into a car with around 160 pounds of dog in it) and go in,” they said. “I come back out and Loki has moved all 100 pounds of his silly self from the back to the front seat and is backward with his chest against my driver’s seat and his butt on the steering wheel… as my dog is sitting at alert, guarding against this weird noise. Meanwhile, Loki… is [making] my Subaru sing the song of its people.”

The car horn — it’s clearly the next step in the evolution of husky howling.

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