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Husky learns its room lights are voice controlled — cute chaos ensues

Huskies don’t usually top the list of most intelligent dog breeds, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart dogs. If you’re lucky enough to call a member of this breed a part of your family, then you know that while they can be stubborn and independent, making training them an interesting task (to put it politely), they’re also gentle, affectionate, and clever.

And the husky in this TikTok video makes that abundantly clear when he discovers that the decorative lights hanging in his mom’s room are sound activated.

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TikToker hothqueen, aka Hope S. Brown, posted this video, which has already amassed 1.7 million likes on the social media site, as well as Reddit. And everyone is in agreement: This is one smart dog.


#husky dogs are smart lol and easily entertained.

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Watch as this good boy carefully tests out how his barks affect the lights — tail wagging happily along — until his fur mom asks what he’s doing. She gets a quick glance, but then he’s right back to experimenting with the lights.

Both TikTokers and Redditors were quick to point out how he modulates his volume and the frequency with which he barks, indicating he’s testing whether he’s really the reason there’s suddenly light or if something else might be going on.

Dr_Legacy marveled at “the way the husky experimented with different barks” while Redditor Skymon8080 added, “The best part to me was that it looks like he tries to fake it out a couple of times before the last bark.”

User Pickleless_Cage noted, “I think he was waiting to check if it really was his barking changing it. I grew up with a husky mix, and they are crazy-smart sometimes.”

Of course, as Micp rightly pointed out, “To be fair, it would be like if you discovered you could control electricity for a day. Would you not try to regain that power afterward?”

Given how vocal huskies can be, TikToker Merkin Warbeck noted that this was “a bold design choice with a husky.” For her part, Brown noted that “when the lights were off, he discovered the mirror” which was “not much better.”

On Reddit, sniptaclar mused that Brown will now have to “sleep with noise-canceling headphones and sleep masks” while ericisshort joked that the “only solution is to move to a new house with no lights.”

Indeed, huskies are among the most talkative dog breeds — so this fur mom was pretty lucky her pooch didn’t let loose with that trademark husky howl or “song.”

A Siberian Husky standing in sand at the beach.

Some more fantastic reasons to love huskies

 In addition to being smart dogs, there are a lot of reasons why a Siberian husky makes a great companion (though, keep in mind, each individual dog has their own personality, and might deviate from the typical breed personality).

  1. They’re great jogging buddies, and don’t even mind the cold weather if you love to run outside (though, thankfully, it’ll be a while before anyone has to worry about that).
  2. Gentle and friendly, they typically get along well with kids and other animals. (But, while they love their humans, they don’t make great guard dogs. They’re not protective by nature and are also pretty friendly with strangers — though this can be a good thing when you’re chatting up neighbors on your daily walks).
  3. They’re pretty clean. While they do shed a decent amount, they don’t drool much and are known for being fairly odorless dogs.
  4. Those eyes. Huskies can either have brown or blue eyes, and while you definitely shouldn’t get a dog just because they have blue eyes, it’s certainly a bonus.

Huskies are clever, warm, lovable pets, and we love watching them discover the world around them.

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