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10 baby animal Instagram accounts you need to follow immediately

There’s something just so special about baby animals. No matter how stressed you feel, we promise that if you take time out to browse through photos and videos of baby critters being adorable, it will turn your day around. It doesn’t matter if it’s kittens, puppies, farm animals, or wildlife babies — they are all as cute as can be in their own special ways. Here are some of our favorite Instagram accounts featuring baby animals.

Stand for Elephants

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Stand for Elephants, a nonprofit that works to prevent the exploitation of these majestic animals, posts the most delightful photos of elephant babies going through their day. You’ll see youngsters chasing after birds, drinking from oversized bottles, cuddling with Mom, enjoying a bath, and playing with buddies.

Cute Animal Pics Galore

Scroll through Cute Animal Pics Galore for a fun roundup of baby animals in fun poses. You’ll see a golden retriever pup lounging on a swing, kittens in teacups, a piglet sleeping soundly on a pink blanket, rabbits with their tongues stuck out, and a variety of little critters cuddled up with soft toys.

Black Bear Rescue Manitoba

Black bear cubs are, without a doubt, among the cutest of all animals. And cute is exactly what you get when you scroll through videos and images that capture the lives of orphaned bears as they grow in strength and confidence at the Black Bear Rescue sanctuary. Watch as Wrigley and Vinny get so excited about their new pools or play tumble and chase around their enclosure. Recent images feature babies enjoying frozen treats of goat milk and berries as they try to beat the heat.

Kitten Sanctuary Singapore

This nonprofit runs a neonatal kitten nursery and kitten kindergarten, so we needn’t tell you what precious photos and videos you’ll find here. Page through to watch babies drinking from bottles, sleeping in caretakers’ arms, or playing with siblings. There’s an especially cute video of one kitten trying desperately to stay awake while a buddy sleeps soundly close by.

Juniper and Friends

Juniper is a North American fox who lives in a home full of rescued exotic animals. This gorgeous girl was born in captivity and is a descendant of the fur-farm trade. She’s won the hearts of millions of fans on her Instagram page. Scan through Juniper’s cub photos to see how she adjusted to living in a house and the special relationship that developed between her and the family dog, Moose. And be sure to check out the photos of her friend Mushroom, a happy opossum who loves to show off her many cool hats.


Svea is described as a “tiny bat dog trying to figure life out on her Instagram account.” She’s a petit Brabançon with batlike ears, a snub nose, and bulging eyes. You can share in her adventures as she models a variety of sweaters, catches a nap, or takes a bike ride with Mom with just her tiny head peeking out from inside her travel bag.

Cute Baby Animals

You’re sure to get your fix of baby critters on this Instagram page. It features a wide variety of species, including a kangaroo with gorgeous big eyes, a hairy pink piglet, a baby koala with its claws wrapped around human fingers, a baby panda hanging out in a tree, and a guinea pig smelling a flower.

Kittens of Instagram

If you just can’t get enough of kittens, then you must visit this account for a roundup of the cutest kitties ever. You’ll find these fur babies hanging out in shoes, drinking from bottles, playing with toys, sleeping, yawning, and cuddling with buddies.

Wildcat Conservation Alliance

The Wildcat Conservation Alliance posts stunning photos of wild cat cubs on Instagram along with captions educating enthusiasts on how they can help these beautiful animals. Images capturing a day in the life of these exotics include an Amur leopard lounging on a log, two Nepal tiger cubs hanging by the water with Mom, and a precious photo of a mother tiger washing her baby’s face with her tongue.

The Donkey Sanctuary

You’ll need to leave lots of time for scrolling through the photos and videos of precious donkey foals on this sanctuary’s Instagram account. Especially moving is the story of sweet Sam, who was orphaned after a complicated birth. See photos of this fuzzy boy drinking from his bottle, meeting a new friend, and learning his way around the sanctuary. And don’t miss the video of Ben, the orphaned donkey foal braying for his milk. It’s just too adorable.

We know that this roundup will surely satisfy your craving for baby animals for a while. Don’t forget to like the photos and maybe even leave a comment. The owners will be thrilled to know that their babies brought you some pleasure. Also, remember that the nonprofits listed here depend on supporters to help them care for the animals. Monetary donations and spreading the word on social media are great ways to show your appreciation.

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