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These best-dressed pets on Instagram are way more stylish than you

For some pet parents, the thought of dressing up a fur baby is laughable. But for others, wearing clothes is a part of their pet’s everyday life. In fact, some fur babies, like Sphynx cats, actually benefit from wearing clothing. As you may or may not know, January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, and we’re celebrating with these canine and feline fashionistas. Whether you opt for a simple accessory like a tiara or bandana or go all out with a full costume, don’t forget to hashtag your posts with #DressUpYourPetDay to share your fur baby’s outfit with fellow pet lovers on social media. 

A dog wearing a red jacket plays with a ball in the snow.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

#1: Schoolgirl or sailor scout? 

Your guess is as good as ours whether Teapot is dressed to attend school or preparing for her Sailor Moon-inspired transformation sequence. But one thing we know for certain is that Teapot looks better in uniform than we ever will. If you love adorable cats wearing equally adorable costumes, we highly recommend following Well Dressed Cats on Instagram. 

#2: Best friends forever

What’s cuter than one pet in costume? Two pets in matching costumes of course! Miss Zoe, a precious French bulldog, and Mr. Bailey, her dashing feline companion, are the cutest of the cute in their complementary superhero capes. Mr. Bailey, dressed as Gotham’s Dark Night, looks elegant and chic beside the stunning Miss Zoe, who is none other than Wonder Woman. (Who else would she be? She’s clearly wonderful.) While Unlikely Friends hasn’t updated in quite some time — we hope everyone is okay — this page is a must-follow for anyone who wants to gush over adorable photos and videos of unusual BFF cuteness.

#3: The cutest pig in the world

“To be cute, or not to be cute?” is the question Hamlet the Piggy must ask herself on a daily basis. (The answer is obviously “to always be cute.”) This Nashville-based therapy pig has garnered quite an audience. With 340,000 followers and a verified blue checkmark, Hamlet is definitely going places. Personally, we would love to accompany her to the mall. She’s the most well-dressed pig we’ve ever laid eyes on. While her fashion sense makes it difficult to choose a favorite look, her pale gray polka-dotted scarf is certainly one of her best.

#4: The royal Frenchie

Named after NBA great Charles Barkley, this gorgeous French bulldog is famous in his own right. Sir Charles Barkley not only boasts the best name ever, but he’s verified on the Gram and has over 429,000 followers. He is obviously more stylish than us, and he’s also more well-known. We’re not jealous. Honest. (Well, maybe a little.) Sir Charles looks fashionable in everything he wears, but we’re especially impressed by the way he dons this 80s-inspired sleeveless denim vest in his birthday post. Well done, Sir Charles.  

#5: Elementary, dear readers

Last, but certainly not least, we have Dada, a Japanese chihuahua who always knows her best angles. In our all-time favorite shot, the always-stylish Dada is ready to solve the case, and she’s brought her own magnifying glass. (Not even Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock looked this good.) Sadly, Dada is no longer with us, but we’ll always remember her most stylish looks. 

Whether you need a bit of style inspo for the upcoming holiday party season, or you simply want to squeal over adorable fur babies, we’re here to help. Instagram’s best-dressed pets can provide you with your daily dose of cuteness and a few tips on how to accessorize. Just don’t hold us accountable if you wind up following dozens of pet accounts. Besides, your feed would look much cuter that way. 

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