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Here are the best pet Halloween costumes from last year to help inspire this year’s spooky attire

Let 2021's best pet Halloween costumes influence you for 2022

With All Hallow’s Eve creeping ever closer, we went back to appreciate some of last year’s cutest and most creative outfits — the best pet Halloween costumes. So many pets served sassy, spooky looks of all kinds, proving that Halloween 2021 was one for the fashion books. There were outfits inspired by recent trends, Halloween classics, and even some of the year’s most successful video games.

We applaud all pet parents who were able to keep their fur babies happy and comfy in their costumes — that’s no easy task. Whether they kept their outfit on all evening or you barely managed to snap a photo, it’s all for fun after all. Enjoy some of our favorite pet Halloween costumes to grace the internet last year:

A mushroom costume will bring autumnal cuteness to any animal’s vibe

This sweet senior pup doesn’t seem super thrilled with the situation, but she’s selling the look like a pro–tongue and all! Her adorable autumnal costume consists of a ruffled collar and mushroom-head hat, which is just subtle enough for pickier pups but oh-so-adorable regardless.

If you wanted to, you could even make this costume from home!

Want something sweet? Try a DIY-able donut costume for your pet

This silly kitty looks about as sweet as can be, but a costume as scrumptious as this could work on any pet! You can even make it yourself if you have a little extra time this year — no trips to the craft store required! Willow’s owner crafted a giant donut out of paper and paint, then simply slipped it around her face for a sugary new look.

With a little creativity, this costume can easily be replicated to accommodate pets who need to wear a cone. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t get in on the festivities, too!

An ’80s rock band will be the life of any Halloween party

Are you ready to rock? These party animals certainly are.

Three Canadian felines donned denim, camo, and plaid to bring back ’80s rock for one night only. Their skilled owners even crafted some kitty-safe instruments out of felt and string to make their Halloween concert even more realistic. Cue the cutest concert ever! It would sell out in a ‘meowment’.

The scariest fish in the sea isn’t a shark… it’s your fur baby!

One clever cat took irony to a new level this Halloween. With just a hat–an adorable, hilarious one at that — Sprouty the kitty transformed from feline to shark in the blink of an eye. Their sparkly hat makes it look like their head is in the mouth of the shark, though there’s nothing scary to be seen here. Unless you’re afraid of cuteness, that is!

Dog crocs aren’t just a fad — they’re hilarious costumes, too!

Do you remember the whole dog Croc trend? While the Crocs brand isn’t behind these amazing, decorative shoes, they’re still taking the Internet by storm–and even inspiring costumes! Olive — of the duo Olive and Gus — is known for rocking her doggy shoes on more than one occasion, and on Halloween, she took it to the next level!

Spooky clown riders will give almost anyone the heebie-jeebies

Horror fans, here’s the one you’ve been waiting a whole year to see again;  it’s taking ‘clown’ to a whole new level. Crazy Daisy the black lab served some serious looks this spooky season, even if she was just channeling her inner Pennywise. Since dog “rider” costumes — where it looks like someone or something is riding your dog like a horse — have become so popular a few years back, it’s no surprise that this creepy clown was a hit.

Whose costume was your favorite this year? Did you have any of the same ideas as these creative pet parents? Whatever you and your furry friend dressed up as for Halloween, there’s one thing for sure — 2021 was a spooky good time. We can’t wait to see how everyone will top it this year!

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